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The schedule remains the same unless noted otherwise (holidays and inclement weather cancellations will be crossed out on the schedule). You do not have to make a reservation to take the class For first visit, please show up 20 minutes prior to start of the class. Keep scrolling for schedule, studio and class descriptions, staff profiles.


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Charlotte (Southend)

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Charlotte (Southend)

Class Description |At a glance

We offer various hot yoga and circuit training classes. All classes can be taken at any level (just be sure to take it at your own pace)  | see class description below:

TOPAZ • Fundamental hot yoga series. Improve balance, strengthen, and increase flexibility. Recommended for beginners
KRYSTALLOS • Core strengthening series. Hot Pilates.
BLOODSTONE • A challenging flow/vinyasa class: great strengthening and endurance workout.
DIAMOND • Slow, deep stretch flow with limited instruction, practiced to calming music in a (LED) candlelit room.
BLACK OPAL • A challenging & upbeat flow/vinyasa class, practiced to fun music with advanced poses.
MYSTERY STONE • An advanced and challenging yoga class (non circuit). Changes weekly. Details not revealed until the class begins.
MMA YOGA • High intensity yoga with weights, incorporating techniques from mixed martial arts training.
TIGER’S EYE • Arrichion signature class. Get the best of both worlds. Half circuit training and half hot yoga flow sequence. Bring running shoes and yoga mat.
WARRIOR • High-intensity circuit training regimen. Challenging workout. Bring running shoes for this class.
SPARTA • Olympic lifts, body weight exercises, plyometrics, and endurance challenges. Power and Cardio Sparta are high intensity 45 minute timed workouts.


Parking in Charlotte: We have parking directly in front of our building and street parking along Winona Street.
Shower: We have one shower room at the studio hallway. If you would like to use the shower after class, please sign up on a sheet at the front desk before class. We ask to keep your shower less than 5 minutes as courtesy to other who might be waiting in line for the shower. Studio will close 30 minutes after end of class.

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Charlotte (Southend) Family



Charlotte (Southend)

The Arrichion System difference is more than just our unique mix of programs and training – it’s the people who work with you to achieve results. With a diverse staff of certifed yoga practitioners, professional athletes, and championship-winning athletic coaches, Arrichion’s coaches and instructors bring a powerful combination of knowledge and skill to help bring out your best. No matter who you are, where you’re from, first-timer or seasoned athlete, we’ll give you the support and the skills you need, and work with you to bring out your very best. We believe that no matter which instructors you have in your class, you should have an exceptional experience. That is why we do not announce who is on the schedule to public.


Instagram @claybird133

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Clay Reynolds is a master teacher and successful wrestling competitor. Clay coached hundreds of successful high school and college wrestlers and several amateur and professional mixed martial arts fighters. In addition to training wrestlers/fighters, Clay has worked with athletes from soccer and football on speed, functional strength. Clay has a passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals. He completed his 200 hour yoga teacher training at Arrichion and now leads the new Arrichion yoga and circuit training certification programs. When not at Arrichion, Clay loves to travel the world to see Pearl Jam with his wife Jenna. Don't let this serious profile pic fool you. You'll probably see him on our ads wearing a goofy dog or banana costume.

Jenna Bio Pic.JPG

Instagram @jennafit.clt

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Jenna is a Charlotte native, who loves to be active and try new things. She grew up playing sports, specifically swimming and soccer. Her love and interest in yoga came from a friend convincing her to try hot yoga, and immediately, she was hooked. She quickly found a balance at Arrichion Hot Yoga between the yoga and circuit training that she loved, and had never experienced anywhere else. After experiencing such a transformation physically and mentally, she decided to expand her knowledge and practice through yoga teacher training. From there, she received her 200-hour certification, and then continued on to receive her 500 hour certification, and more, studying under Lisako Koga Reynolds and Quinn Reynolds. Jenna loves teaching and connecting with students, in order to encourage them and learn from them. She hopes that her classes inspire students to be their best on and off their mat. Jenna also helps lead and facilitate the yoga teacher training programs at Arrichion.

image1 4.jpeg

Instagram @na_mae_ste

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After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Science Magen decided to make the move from Upstate New York to Charlotte, North Carolina. She was ready to begin the next chapter of my life, eager to encorporate new and exciting healthy habits. Not being the most naturally athletic individual, she set her anxieties and skepticism aside when she tried a local yoga class for the first time. What she discovered was a workout so well-rounded; providing not only physical fitness, but mental clarity and a sense of community that she never could have imagined. She left class feeling empowered and energized, with a sense of clearness that she had never felt before— she was hooked. She knew from that moment that this was something more than a new hobby, this was a new way to live. Wanting to share this amazing, life changing experience, she began by earning my RYT200 under the instruction of Quinn Reynolds at Arrichion Hot Yoga and have since completed her RYT500 under her instruction as well. To further her education, she studied under the instruction of Diane Cevallos at Charlotte Family Yoga Center and is now certified to teach Prenatal Yoga (RPYT); a passion that started long before having had her two daughters London and Violet. Yoga has become an integrated part of her life and something that she will continue to enthusiastically share with others through her instruction and personal practice.

kurtis Cloward

Kurtis Cloward

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Kurtis is an alumnus of UNC Charlotte. After graduating in 2007, he began competing in Mixed Martial Arts. He first joined Arrichion in 2011 as a member of the wrestling club and MMA team. After years of training with the Reynolds family, both on the wrestling mat and in the yoga room, he took on the challenge of becoming a yoga instructor in 2016. Along with being an RYT 200, Kurtis is also a certified Muay Thai instructor and purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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Emily Papkin
Instagram @papkindoesyoga

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Emily has been practicing yoga since 2012. First trying out Arrichion with an intro pass, and eventually becoming a member later that year. In Fall 2015 she signed up for the Arrichion Yoga Teacher Training Program. She has been teaching at the studio since July 2017! When she’s not at the studio practicing or teaching, she’s usually spending time with her 2 year old daughter Ava, husband Jon and two pups. Her favorite part of teaching is connecting with the students in and outside the classroom - she love to help them go deeper in their practice.

Tasha Groberg

Tasha Groberg
Instagram @tashagroberg

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Yoga found Tasha when she was a 16 years old and has been a foundational part of her life ever since. She developed her practice for 10 years before becoming a yoga teacher in the Spring of 2018. Aside from yoga, her necessities in life include her 3 cats and everyone else’s, exploring with her husband, seeing the comedic view of life, and love for music. Tasha is an activist for self-love, being barefoot as often as possible, and all the heart opening asanas.


Brody Disbennett
Instagram @yogibrody

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Brody is an educator/teacher in both the elementary classroom and in the yoga studio. Taming stress is beneficial as she navigates her day job. That is why she very much enjoys yoga, running, working out, and reading. Her favorite yoga poses are Standing Bow, Child’s Pose and Garland Pose. Brody is very passionate about the benefits of Hot Yoga for athletes as she has always been one herself. Brody was introduced to Yoga and Arrichion by a friend who encouraged her to try a yoga class in March of 2015. She started out with the new student deal. Sheimmediately fell in love with the practice and athletic style that Arrichion offered and became a member. After a year of practicing, She felt becoming a Yoga instructor was her calling.Brody completed the RYT-200 training from Arrichion in the summer of 2017.

Cameron Banning

Cameron Banning

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Cameron (Cam) first came to Arrichion at the beginning of 2015 searching for a workout to get her in shape for her wedding. She was eager to try yoga, since she had always been flexible from her years of being a diver as a child. What she found was so much more: an uplifting community, a drive to better herself, and the best sweat of her life. In a little over 2 years she got her 500 class milestone band and had no interest in slowing down! She is an art teacher in the Charlotte area and when her school caught wind of her new passion they asked if she would be interested in bringing yoga to their athletic department. So without hesitation, Cameron signed up for the RYT 200 program at Arrichion. She completed her training under Jenna Reynolds in March of 2018 and has been teaching at Arrichion and at her school ever since. She always says it’s like her two favorite things came together: being a teacher and practicing yoga. Her favorite poses include anything where she can be extra bendy: especially hip openers like pigeon. When she’s not at the studio you will most likely find her spending time with her husband Josh and their husky Nova, ideally exploring Charlotte or traveling! They are expecting their first child, a daughter, in April, and already know she will be a lifelong Arrichion yogi!


Yeuneka Caraway
Instagram @nek_1220

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Eight years ago Yeuneka tried Arrchion with a reccomendation by her hair dresser. She was immediately hooked after her first class. At that time she was going thru a seperation/divorce, and she found Arrichion to be a great place to release some stress, get back into resistance training, and get in shape! And soon, studio became her second home. Her passion for resistance training, with a mix of HIIT, hot yoga, and calisthenics eventually led to teaching at Arrichion. She enjoys teaching and pushing/encouraging others to be stronger and to challenge themselves in their workouts. When she's not flying high in the skies (ding! wanna get away?), you can find her at the gym, teaching at the studio, or on the stage competing as a figure competitor!


Being a coach is more than just instructing a class
Arrichion Teacher Training
Instagram @arrichionteachertraining

I have never been to a gym where people are so welcoming and encouraging and positive all the time. I always leave feeling really great about myself and I feel like I’m always pushed to do my best.
— Melanie Moses


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