The versatility of the classes offered is what I really like about Arrichion. I have attended Mystery Stone and Warrior so far, which are both very challenging but modifications are simple to make as needed. Everyone there is very friendly! This is a great place to go to condition your body and focus your mind.
— Hayley T.

All of Arrichion classes can be taken at any fitness level, although some classes might be more beginner friendlier than others. This doesn't mean you should only take "beginner friendly" classes. You can try them all, just remember to take it at your own pace and do what you can. You can build up into it. 

TOPAZ • Fundamental hot yoga series. Improve balance, strengthen, and increase flexibility. Recommended for beginners.

KRYSTALLOS • Core strengthening series. Hot Pilates.  

BLOODSTONE • A challenging athletic power flow class: great strengthening and endurance workout.

DIAMOND • Slow, deep stretch flow with limited instruction, practiced to calming music in a (LED) candlelit room.

BLACK OPAL • A challenging & upbeat flow/vinyasa class, practiced to fun music with advanced poses.

MYSTERY STONE • An advanced and challenging yoga class (non circuit). Changes weekly. Details not revealed until the class begins.

MMA YOGA • High intensity yoga with weights, incorporating techniques from mixed martial arts training

TIGER’S EYE • Arrichion signature class. Get the best of both worlds. Half circuit training and half hot yoga flow sequence. Bring running shoes and yoga mat.

WARRIOR • High-intensity circuit training regimen. Challenging workout. Bring running shoes for this class.

SPARTA • High intensity interval training (HIIT) using body weight, weight equipment and plyometric.

Was never a “yogi” because it was always too slow and monotonous for me to feel like I was doing anything...this changed when I started at Arrichion. The infamous Tiger’s Eye class is a combo of circuit and hot yoga—perfect for me to start learning yoga poses and become stronger, leaner and more flexible. The mix of classes they offer insures that everyone can find benefit every day of the week, based on their needs (cardio, strength, stretching and flexibility).
— Kristina Figueroa
I really love it here. I think the biggest draw for me is how SUPER NICE and welcoming everyone is. I’m not a fantastically bendy person, but all the instructors are really sweet and helpful. They also have a great class schedule (I can come early in the morning, grab a quick shower and get to work on time) and challenging-for-me classes that are 45 minutes long — the perfect length for me.
— Julie Ruble