What is Arrichion? How do you even pronounce it? 


For over 30 years the Reynolds’ approach to training has produced unparalleled results starting with athletic achievements including the athletic achievements of Clay, Ty, and Quinn. Not only have the Reynolds kids benefited from being coached by their Dad, they’ve inherited the same passion for teaching and coaching. And success.  We’re talking strong, confident, and fearless.

We’ve developed a system of training called the Arrichion method (uh – RICK – ee – ahn) so regardless of whether you want to improve your fitness for an event, get leaner, age better, or get stronger, the Reynolds family will push you where you need to be.

The Arrichion system is grounded in years of practice and knowledge, designed for repeatability, offers continuous feedback, and demands focus and concentration. It doesn’t matter where you begin, only that you want to get better.

Where are you? And where do you want to go?

I bet you’ve never heard of a two-legged marshmallow? Didn’t think so…think all fluff and no substance. Sound familiar? We all know one, but no one wants to be one. At the other end of the spectrum are the world-class athletes.  We’ve worked from one end to the other.

Along the way we’ve worked with hundreds of yoga clients and athletes who have committed to achieving their goals whether for athletic competition or for improved health. Our program isn’t a hit or miss, quick fix solution; it’s a commitment to process and growth. The Arrichion Training System is a proven means to live by, and it will change your life.

And by the way, who was this guy, Arrichion?

Well, he was a real man for starters; an ancient Greek Olympian who redefined strength and focus. He was mortally injured during an Olympic match, yet he summoned the power to beat his opponent with his last dying breath.  We’re not saying we want you to expire on your yoga mat or anything like that, just that we’ll help you give it your all.

Our ultimate goal is to prepare you for victory in today’s world whether it’s in athletic competition or achieving a healthy lifestyle. At Arrichion we look beyond appearances to find the power within you. And then we make it real. This proven system requires disciplined effort and commitment, both physical and mental, mind and body.  The rewards are life-changing. You’ll see.