We’ve met some incredible people since we opened in March 2009. Here are some testimonials, transformations, and shoutouts we’ve received from our #ArrichionFamily!

I’ve lost 55 LBS and I’ve made about 50 new friends. I’ve gotten so much stronger!
— AJ Pena
Arrichion has become my happy place! I wish I had been introduced sooner! It is a great combination of yoga and circuit training, both of which provide incredible workouts. The instructors are great and there is a nice variety of classes. The environment is very friendly, with folks of all ages, and abilities ranging from beginners to super athletes. I honestly feel that Arrichion has improved my quality of life and I look forward to each day I am able to go!
— Jessica Laurel
Unbelievable, one of a kind work outs. Fabulous teachers, beautiful facility and great members. I love the sense of community in the studio, members are always mingling after class and supporting one another. The wrist band system is a great way to motivate students to use their membership. This place has such a great thing going for them. Definitely give it a try.
— Claire Owens

I am not a “yoga person” but I love this place! I’ve tried several times over the years to get into yoga and always fizzled out. But Arrichion is different — and in a good way (at least for me!). I’m sticking with it this time. The heat does take some getting used to, but your body does adapt. Marissa, one of the owners/instructors, gives great cues to keep you on track and focused. The owners and instructors always greet everyone by name when you walk in the front door. The place is very clean and organized. I appreciate that they lock the door and start class right on time and uninterrupted (I say this even though I got locked out once when I was running late). :)
— Karen Martin

I’ve been going to Arrichion Hot Yoga almost every day for the past 3 years. I never imagined I would find a yoga studio that offered a wide variety of classes along with circuit and weight training that pushed me every day, combined with teachers always willing to challenge and support me, and members with whom I would grow close and eventually call true friends. After my first few classes at Arrichion, I knew that I had finally found all three.

The atmosphere created by the teachers and members stands out the most and is unlike any other yoga studio I have ever attended. Each day, you can come as you are and know that you will be surrounded by good people encouraging you to help reach your personal fitness goals, whatever they may be. The workouts are intense and the class schedule is set up in a way that offers a wide range of classes at different times throughout the day to accommodate all types of home and work schedules. Of the core classes that I take Monday through Saturday, each one is different than the other and getting to the studio at some point is never an issue, even with a busy schedule and two small kids at home.

My physical and mental health have never been better. I’m actually stronger today in my late 30s than I was in my early 20s and am excited about what goals I will reach next. I’m thankful every day that Arrichion is such an integral part of my life.
— Rich Holmes
I have always been active. I have played sports and/or worked out my entire life. My drive has always been about gaining strength and achieving physical results versus just trying to be skinny. That said, I had a hard time finding the right gym that could challenge me in a environment that didn’t feel plastic or like a dating scene. Because of that, I spent years of my life working out alone every day (running, tennis, at-home workouts, etc.). Marathons were my way of making my workouts social. One day, a friend of mine asked me to try hot yoga with her. I had zero expectations about getting any sort of workout out of it. But, my desire to simply accompany my friend that day changed my life. I walked out of a Bloodstone class dripping in sweat and challenged in a way I had never experienced through group fitness. I knew I was going back the very next day! I then learned that Arrichion also has group fitness weight lifting circuit classes as well as Olympic weight lifting classes entirely without the hot yoga. I brought my husband and my entire family to the gym for their different goals. The transformations have been incredible. Between my husband and kids, they have lost over 140 pounds! I have gained a tremendous amount of strength through the weight bearing exercises and flexibility that I have never had from the hot yoga. The people there are kind, encouraging and the environment NEVER feels uncomfortable. If you are looking for group fitness that will challenge whatever your physical abilities are in an environment where the people are AMAZING and feel like family- this is your gym.
— Ingrid Sanchez
Erin Trom milestone
I had arthritis, bursitis, and several other issues. I used the pain I was in as an excuse not to exercise. Finally, I had had enough and started coming to Arrichion. The pain is GONE, I feel so much better! This place, these classes, these instructors are awesome! It truly changed my life!
— Erin Trom
For years, I would have the reputation of joining a gym, but only go for about a month and get bored and eventually cancel my membership. Not the case at Arrichion, I went a couple of times and was immediately hooked. The variety that is offered throughout the week, keeps me interested and the sense of community there is great. I went on vacation and missed it so much! Working out is something I look forward to daily now. Oh and the transformation I’ve seen already in just 3 months is amazing! Thanks, Arrichion!!
— Laurie Secor
I have never been to a gym where people are so welcoming and encouraging and positive all the time. I always leave feeling really great about myself and I feel like I’m always pushed to do my best.
— Melanie Moses
I have only been in twice but I am HOOKED! The staff are incredibly encouraging and hands on. I love that there is a great emphasis on focusing on your practice and loving where you are at. It is a positive and judgment free zone. I love it there!
— Jessie Christopher
I think Arrichion is one of the best yoga/circuit places in Charlotte. I’ve been a client here for almost 3 years and have built some timeless relationships through our Arrichion family.
There’s an intensity level for beginners to advance yogis/gym buffs. It truly makes me break a sweat whether I go 3x a week or 8x a week.
The hot yoga is the reason I was drawn to Arrichion at first but now I’m all about the circuit as well. They go hand and hand with one another and Arrichion coaches us on why. Give them a try!
— Tasha Groberg
I cannot say enough about Arrichion and what it has done for me. I started in February and quickly fell in love with this place. Everyone there is so kind, friendly, and nonjudgmental. The instructors are so knowledgeable and helpful while at the same time know how to push you appropriately. One of the things I have loved most about Arrichion is that so many different people make up the community. There is a place for everyone, no matter where you are on your journey. I have two children 3 and under and work full-time and I wake up at 5:45 am to make it to class (usually the last one in the door, and no one ever makes me feel bad about it. ☺️) I would have never imagined loving a workout so much that I would drag myself there so early, but I do and it dramatically changes my outlook on the day. I feel so much healthier and happier since starting at Arrichion. Thank you guys so much for all that you do!
— Sarah O'Shea
First off Hot yoga is so Awesome !! This studio is even better. I’m very new to the yoga scene but this place made me feel like I fit in . They offer a variety of classes with unique names . The Diamond class is held in the dark with LED lighting, music and limited instruction. I love this class beginners are able to follow along well. Classes are available 7 days a week which is perfect for everyone. I found this place on Groupon , but will be purchasing a full membership it’s worth it!!!
— Sha Diggs
These people are so encouraging and positive every single day! They inspire me to be better and work harder on each workout. They know everyone by name when they walk in. They work hard and love hard. Seriously, they are like family
— Ebony Lofton