At Arrichion we will recognize your persistence toward excellence with our Arrichion Milestone Program. Does this mean that we believe that you can achieve excellence by simply doing something enough times? No. We believe that the practice must be deliberate (Arrichion system), you must be led by a master teacher (Arrichion coaches and instructors), and you have to repeat the practice over time with feedback and increased challenge.


Class 10: The Beginning
Red Band

Your initial steps toward achieving your fitness or athletic goals. The ancient Greeks considered the color red a symbol of sacrifice.


Class 30: The Journey
Orange Band

The reward is in the journey and by completing 30 classes you have shown a commitment to that process. The color orange symbolizes the creation of balance and energy.


Class 60: Discipline
Purple Band

It takes focus and discipline to reach the 60 practice mark. By this time you have developed the wisdom to understand that there are no short-cuts to skill development, improvement, and achievement; it requires discipline. You have developed that discipline. The color purple symbolizes your wisdom.


Class 100: Strength
Green Band

It requires strength to manifest energy and to endure. By Class 100 you have honed your strength—both physical and mental. The color green symbolizes vigor, energy, and growth.

Our Green Band (100 classes) is sponsored by one of our favorite local restaurants, CHOPT. Once you earn your green band, you can bring it with you to any participating Chopt location in Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham to receive 10% off your meal at dinner time (7pm-close).


Class 200: Warrior Spirit
Bronze Band

The warrior spirit never quits. By Class 200 it is clear that you have acquired it. The color bronze metaphorically represents the warrior spirit because bronze was the metal used to create weapons in ancient times. You have your weapons—focus, strength, flexibility, mental toughness—you have your warrior spirit. 


Class 325: Vision
Silver Band

You have attained discipline, strength, and the warrior spirit; you are prepared to see beyond your current self to what you can be. You have a vision for possibilities. The color silver was related to immortality in ancient times.


Class 500: Enlightenment
Gold Band

This milestone is linked to the highest aspirations of the spirit and represents a pure and unqualified knowledge of self and others that will only continue to expand. The color gold is symbolic of enlightenment.


Class 1000+: Guru
Black Band

You are now in the Arrichion 1000 milestone club! Black band in martial arts symbolizes the highest level of expertise. The color black is associated with power and strength.

You will receive a black band with custom engraved metal attachment for your 1000th class. After that you will receive a little “notch” (mini attachment) for 2000, 3000, 4000…. etc.