Arrichion 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training



We’re going to show you a clear path to becoming a high performing 200-hour yoga teacher. A program where you’ll walk away with a skill set, not just knowledge.

When you train like an athlete, doing comes first, followed by knowing later.

Here’s how you EARN your certification:

  • Demonstrate 50 yoga poses and 20 circuit training exercises (competitive advantage)

  • Practice teach over 30 yoga sequences

  • Create a final product---original 45 minute yoga and 15 minute circuit classes

  • Identify your yoga niche; Validate your yoga side hustle idea 

  • Build a micro websiteand social mediapromotional campaign

  • Teach your classes on Facebook Live

If learning more about a yoga teacher training program that doesn’t require you to leave your job and family for weeks on end, one that gets you yoga side-hustle ready is something that piques your interest and excites you, then keep reading to get all the details about how it works, why it’s different, and how you can get started. 

Yes, you really can learn to TEACH YOGA online
Many students choose online YTT programs because:

  • You don’t have time away from your home, family, and other responsibilities.

  • You can choose the program that best fits your needs, philosophy and learning style, no matter where you live.

  • You have the flexibility to schedule study time throughout the day - when it’s convenient for you.

  • You don’t have to spend extra money on travel or housing.

But you can’t get the skills you need just by pushing “play” on a few pre-recorded lectures

Interactive learning is REQUIRED to succeed. That’s why with Arrichion:

You will do every activity. 100% active learning. (This doesn’t happen in group in-person yoga teacher training settings, ever. It can’t. There’s not time to have EVERY student demonstrate EVERY pose.)  

You’ll receive individual, personalized feedback on every activity from your personal coach.

You’ll video your practice and teaching and submit them for review, no book reports here. Watching yourself on video is a valuable way to discover things about your practice and teaching that you’d otherwise miss. You’ll expand your ability to self-reflect and self-correct.  

You’ll practice teaching skills in real time (via live Zoom calls) and give and receive feedback while building community.

You’ll put your entrepreneurial skills to the test as you promote and launch your yoga class on fb live.

Are you ready to create your own thriving yoga side hustle?
Arrichion YTT is for you if:

  • Your goal is to teach yoga and to turn that teaching into a thriving side hustle.

  • You are looking for a program that is athletic and fitness based. No Sanskrit. No OMs. No apologies.

  • You understand that it takes work. You’re looking for skills mastery, not a tropical vacation.


Get the Early Bird $200 off if you sign up by 9/15/2019

Use promo code: “200FALL2019” at checkout for full payment.
(for payment plan just pay the deposit by 9/15 and the discount will be applied across your 10 x monthly payments)



email us: info@arrichion.com
call: : 980-939-5580 or 919-673-4647

Arrichion Teacher Training Graduates

Arrichion Teacher Training Testimonials

See what past trainees has to say about our training

I cannot say enough good things about Arrichion’s Teacher Training program. I feel very prepared and confident in my abilities to teach my first yoga classes. It was a life-changing experience for me. The program also allowed me to continue working my regular full-time job. If this program had not existed, I would not have been able to attend a teacher training due to my other personal and professional obligations.
— Tiffany Pridgen

Sara MCcauley RYT 200

After Arrichion Teacher Training, I felt that it was so easy for me to jump right into coaching. I felt that right after leaving the training, I was more prepared to take people through a class. I felt that I was able to teach modifications and change up my classes when needed, which is important, as sometimes you need to be flexible with your audience. I am teaching at a new yoga studio in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida!
— Sierra Stone


Natalie applied her YTT training and opened her own yoga business.

Arrichion taught me the fundamentals of being an instructor and how it differs from being a student. The online tools were great for learning at my own pace and in my own way - I could take my time reading and taking notes and go back to anything I may have forgotten from previous lessons. One of my favorite aspects was that it was structured in a way that got us teaching almost immediately. Our training included weekly video submissions that showed us teaching specific poses and sequences, which helped me to find my voice as an instructor and ultimately made it a little less scary when it came time to teaching a class. We also started writing our first class early on and added to it as we learned new material. There is only so much you can be taught and learn in a 200-hour training, but the Arrichion team did a great job preparing us to teach and market our skills and I truly feel that I got more out of the 200-hour training than if I would have gone elsewhere.
— Natalie Heath

Dina incorporated yoga teaching into her counseling services

My name is Dina Gambella and I am a registered yoga teacher.

I do couples counseling, I do addiction counseling, I do family counseling, and adolescent counseling as my full time job, and I have always wanted to bridge that and yoga. Arrichion gave me the confidence to build up my yoga teaching skill to where I could supplement and add that to my therapeutic knowledge.

I felt very prepared to go out and teach as soon as we finished training. At the first information session, I can remember Quinn saying, “This is not really a zen yogi-yogi, but you will be able to teach a script, write a script, and feel confident about it” and she was absolutely 100% correct.

We practiced our scripts and we were writing scripts for classes I would say the first week that we started training. Our task was to write a script, practice the script, get constructive feedback from instructors and students. I think that that was very helpful in that I felt confident in writing a class off the top of my head and sharing it while adjusting, while talking, while doing the class with them, I felt that this was the immense preparation that Arrichion gave me.
— dina gambilla
The Arrichion Hot Yoga training program is a well-rounded curriculum that provided me with a very strong foundation for beginning my journey as a yoga teacher. The program is structured in a way that enables the students to obtain a comfortable grasp on the wide range of yoga topics that are essential for being a successful teacher. In addition, the training instructors are very encouraging and open about the fact that obtaining the RYT 200 certification is only the first step of the journey and that there is a great deal more that we will and should learn in the future. Finishing the program, I am inspired to continue becoming more knowledgeable about yoga as I develop my own personal practice and share it with others as a teacher.
— Elizabeth Evans

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