Arrichion Yoga Teacher Training Testimonial


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“The Arrichion Hot Yoga training program is a well-rounded curriculum that provided me with a very strong foundation for beginning my journey as a yoga teacher. The program is structured in a way that enables the students to obtain a comfortable grasp on the wide range of yoga topics that are essential for being a successful teacher. In addition, the training instructors are very encouraging and open about the fact that obtaining the RYT 200 certification is only the first step of the journey and that there is a great deal more that we will and should learn in the future. Finishing the program, I am inspired to continue becoming more knowledgeable about yoga as I develop my own personal practice and share it with others as a teacher.”

Elizabeth Evans 
RYT 200

“Arrichion's teacher training program not only included a comprehensive curriculum, but also provided outstanding support and guidance resulting in a deeper understanding of my own practice as well as preparing me to confidently teach yoga to others.”

Lindsay Dunphy

“I cannot say enough good things about Arrichion's Teacher Training program. I feel very prepared and confident in my abilities to teach my first yoga classes. It was a life-changing experience for me. The program also allowed me to continue working my regular full-time job. If this program had not existed, I would not have been able to attend a teacher training due to my other personal and professional obligations."

Tiffany Pridgen

“Arrichion Yoga Teacher Training ignited my passion I never knew I had. Teaching yoga never crossed my mind when I started taking yoga classes at Arrichion. I was lucky to have found a teaching position at Arrichion after the training. The constant coaching and feedback I have received helped me develop as a yoga teacher. ”  

Lisako Koga ERYT500