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“Arrichion has played a major part in my continued development over the last four years. The quality of my life has been greatly enhanced by my yoga practice at Arrichion. There was no way four years ago I could have ridden a bike 73 miles in one day. I wish I had a picture of me when I started at Arrichion. My entire body has changed and my strength and endurance have increased dramatically. Thanks to all the teachers and fellow students who have encouraged and supported me in this journey.”

Walter Bull

“After the first week of hot yoga, I saw tremendous improvement with my focus and breathing. Going to each class allows me to focus on different aspects of my body, from arms to core and from balance to flexibility. These classes have taken my running to a new level.”  

M. Titus Tard, Professional Track Athlete (400 hurdles)

“I’ve tried dozens of fitness programs and Arrichion is the best. The Arrichion System is powerfully effective, but also easy to learn and follow.  My strength, health, and fitness have improved measurably since I joined in the summer of 2013 and my energy level is amazing.”

Glenna Musante

“Before I found Arrichion, I didn't realize yoga could be a ‘real’ workout. But Arrichion is different. It is the perfect yoga and circuit conditioning for athletes. The workouts are challenging, full-body conditioning, strength training and cardio all in one space.

And as far as yoga being a "real workout,” I sweat more at a yoga class here than I ever have in any other exercise (including running a marathon!) I am a total pusher of Arrichion for runners. I have shaved more than a minute off of my average mile pace since I began taking the yoga and circuit training classes. Another bonus: Arrichion taught me very quickly to also crave the stretching and zen portion of my life that I had been lacking prior. It's also the perfect place to be after a stressful day at the office!

Melissa Oyler

“I would not have won four (4) North Carolina State High School Wrestling Championships without Arrichion. The Reynolds know how to get results, whether for sport or fitness.”

Jason Creed

(four-time NC High School Wrestling Champ)