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Online Course + 6 Weekend Intensive Onsite Intensive

Course Overview and Syllabus 

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The Arrichion Online + Onsite Teacher Training program takes an innovative approach to training yoga teachers. It consists of a 9 week online workshop style experience interspersed with 6 weekend onsite intensive (Saturday and Sunday) at our Arrichion training center in Raleigh or Charlotte, North Carolina. The online portion is not self-paced. There are weekly assignment deadlines. Students are required to participate in a 3 hour weekly synchronous streamed yoga class and video conference call. The onsite portion is intense and builds on the learning from online. 

Credentials are great. Certificates are important. But what counts at the end of the day is what you CAN ACTUALLY DO. 


You Get Credentials (Nice, but not enough)

✔   200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate

  • Eligible to register for Yoga Alliance

✔   Level 1 Arrichion Circuit Training Certificate

✔      American Red Cross CPR & First Aid Certificate


You Have Evidence (What you CAN DO)

✔  Video Portfolio

  • Evidence of what you can do and how you’ve progressed

  • Video of you teaching the yoga and circuit classes you created

  • Script pdf of your final projects

  • Description of your niche

  • Career tools-Business model canvas and  action plan

  • Social Media presence

✔  Coaches’ Feedback of your final projects

  • Provides testimonial and reference based on what you can do



Arrichion’s teacher training program is approved by Yoga Alliance and exceeds their 200 hour Yoga Alliance standards. We estimate students will spend between 300 and 350 hours to complete the certificate. The educational categories and hours required are integrated across the Arrichion teacher training online and onsite program.


Teacher Training Innovation That Matters

The system is deliberately integrated to optimize learning across each segment. Obviously, the more you do the better prepared you’ll be. You will be learning by doing and you will benefit from having your own personal coach.

  • Online 9 week course provides a flexible, highly personalized learning experience for developing foundational skills; required, scheduled, video conferences with coaches provides feedback for improvement and accountability;  and peers develops team relationships

  • Onsite 6 weekend face-to-face intensive learning immersion expands on what you’ve learned online and adds things better learned in the same physical space, like adjustments, acro yoga, etc.

The Arrichion Teacher Training System

  • Trains you like an elite athlete

  • Comes with your own personal coach

  • Is relentlessly focused on teaching you to teach.

  • Requires you to design and teach a 45 minute yoga class and a 22 minute circuit class

  • Challenges you to develop your personal business model using the same tools as leading entrepreneurs

  • Takes advantage of the best learning through technology and old-fashioned face-to-face coaching

  • Gets you 3 certifications: 200 hour yoga teacher training (Yoga Alliance approved), Level 1 Circuit Training Teacher training, and American Red Cross CPR/First Aid

  • Prepares you for a professional career

  • Comes with a money-back guarantee

Online Structure

There are 9 modules--one for each week of the online training. The design is simple so you won’t have to waste a lot of time trying to navigate the course. You can spend all of your time getting better. Each module consists of 5 parts which are described below.


Arrichion’s online modules are designed to require learning by doing. You’ll be guided by your own personal coach. You have required real-time meetings and assignment due dates even during the online portion of the program. You should schedule time each week to do your work. Plan to spend approximately 15-20 hours each week on the online work.


Weekly Coaching Opportunities


  • Face-to-face

  • Online
  • Video Conferencing

  • Facebook private group

  • Email
  • Phone


PART 1: DISCOVER: new perspectives

In this section you will be discovering yourself and others (teachers and students) through personal practice. You will be required to take 4 classes at your home studio a week. You will be given instructions each week that will push you to step outside yourself to observe and experience yoga beyond your personal practice toward the lens of a teacher. You will learn about the history and philosophy of yoga from the perspective of Alabama’s famous yogi, Bobby Ram Daz.

PART 2: PREPARE to train 

In this section you’re preparing for training (aka PRACTICE/DRILL).  You’ll study and learn by watching videos, applying what you learn to the breakdown of techniques, learning the anatomy and benefits of poses and exercises, and testing your understanding through quizzes and other activities. You will learn information that supports understanding of the technical work. It’s information you need to know to be a good teacher.


PART 3: TRAIN like an athlete

In this section you spend your time doing what the best athletes do better than their competitor---PRACTICE.
  The Training section is the heart of the program--60% of your time will be spent here. If you do this right, everything else is easy. Like elite athletes you will use video to learn, to show what you’ve learned, to reflect on what you’ve learned, and to improve. Your coach will provide personalized feedback on all videos. The training section will require you to move from simple to complex. In training you’re in practice mode: Drill individual techniques and poses: Slow and deliberate with focus, Pick up speed, goal is automaticity.

PART 4: TEACH the real deal 


Beginning with week 1, you pull it all together to teach short sequences. Teaching chained sequences of techniques and poses from simple to more complex-- some given to you and some that you create. You’ll submit video assignments of each of the sequences and will receive feedback from your coaches on the assignments. Feedback will be in the form of a video. You’ll spend time honing your skills of getting students into poses, practicing voice and timing techniques.



A Rubric gives you insight into what the coaches are looking for and helps you to prepare.

Part 4 continued...


You’ll also work on designing your final project—a 45 minute yoga class and a 22 minute circuit training class.


PART 5: COMPETE for a career


Every successful yoga teacher learns to think like an entrepreneur. You’ll research market opportunities. You’ll gain a greater understanding of self. You’ll think about niche competitive advantage. You’ll use proven business model tools. You’ll learn about marketing, social media, and customer service.


Sample week Online Curriculum & Assignments 



  • A Flow yoga class
  • Why we believe circuit training enhances yoga training
  • The history of Yoga Sutras




  • Record dates and types of classes you take on a class log
  • Complete history/philosophy quiz 



  • Breakdown Yoga Poses: Strong Wind Relieving, Standing Forehead to Knee, Tree, Eagle, Standing Bow, Balancing Stick, Traditional Half Moon, Triangle, Extended Triangle, Side Angle
  • Breakdown Circuit Exercises: Front/Side Raises, Bench Press, Push ups




  • Complete the worksheet assignment for all yoga poses and circuit exercises and submit. Once you have submitted your assignment you will receive access to the Arrichion breakdown worksheet. You should compare your worksheet to the Arrichion sheet and make adjustments to yours, as needed.
  • Complete technique quiz 



  • Review Essential Technique 1: 1,2,3s Creating Yours
  • Learn about Essential Technique 5: Sequencing
  • Create your own 1,2,3s for this week’s yoga and circuit exercises
  • Memorize the 1,2,3s
  • Practice for automaticity




  • Create the 1,2,3s for yoga and circuit and submit the document for review by your coach.
  •  Video yourself practicing each pose and exercise. Make sure you announce the name of the pose or exercise at the beginning of the video.
  • Post videos for review by your coach.  



  • Continue to reinforcing the 1,2,3s and Authentic voice
  • Add attention to the impact of the sequencing particularly in the cumulative video assignment
  • Final Project: Structural framework of the class you are designing


Teaching Assignment:


  • Review the assignment and the rubric. This week you will video yourself teaching 4 different sequences.
  • The first three videos will include only the poses that you learned this week. You should focus on the the 1,2,3s as this assignment has been chunked to reinforce the memorization of the 1,2,3s. What do you notice about the sequencing of these short series?
  • The 4th video is a flow consisting of poses that you’ve learned this week and all previous weeks. The number in parenthesis after the name of the pose indicates the module where you can go to review the instructional video, if needed.
  • Cumulative Video 4 example: This video is a flow of poses will include poses from this module (3) and previous modules (1 and 2). Film in this order: Mountain Pose(1), Half Moon Pose (2), Forward Fold Pose (2), Strong Wind Relieving (3), Standing Forehead to Knee(3), Tree(3), Table Top (1), Downward facing dog (2), Savasana (1)


Final Project Assignment


  • Using the worksheet template provided and illustrated below, create a basic framework for your final yoga project. Remember to always keep your desired outcome/result in mind as you make decisions. You may use all or some of the 20 yoga poses you included on last week’s assignment, but now you’ll have to think more critically about if and where they would fit in the scheme of the 5 stages of the structure.



  • Explore yoga teaching opportunities
  • Identify niche markets
  • Research niche markets




  • Submit your worksheet from your idea brain dump and your demand matrix.
  • Do your research and submit notes in google doc.
  • Discuss your work on the facebook group. What the insights did you discover? Any surprises? Learn from your peers and coaches.
  • Where does your market hangout? What do Amazon reviews say? What blogs are people reading? What metaphors are they using, like “I want to fit into my high school jeans.”




Each day begins with a 6 am yoga session warm-up and ends with an 8:30-9 pm cool-down (a look back at what you’ve done and a look forward at what you’ll be doing). Trust us, we’re coaches and we know how to pace immersive training sessions to maximize results.


One of the first things we will do is practical testing of all poses and exercises covered during the online portion of the course. Coaches and students will give feedback. The online experience greatly elevates the level of students coming into the onsite intensive. This leveling of the playing field allows us to move more quickly, to cover more in depth teaching, and to get better teaching results than a traditional program can in 21 days. 


A series of intensive workshops will cover adjustments and inversions. Students will be given significant time to practice adjustments on each other. Practical testing will follow.


For fun we have included an acro yoga workshop. This style of yoga is popular and learning about it gives students additional skills to differentiate yourself in the market. 


You will also expand on your business understanding. You will observe teachers in Arrichion classes. You will shadow an experienced teacher as students are checking into class and after class, noting the interactions and customer development taking place. You will also have the opportunity to interview an Arrichion client. Additional work will be done on setting up your web portfolio including a private consultation with a professional web designer.


There will be work on the functional anatomy for yoga with specific attention to the poses and exercises you have learned. CPR and First Aid training results in certification--a must for working professionals. 


The final evaluations include teaching your 45 minute yoga class and 22 minute circuit class to your fellow students and selected Arrichion members. 


Required Supplies and Textbooks


Equipment and Supplies


  • Dumbbells (2)
  • Kettlebell
  • Jump Rope
  • Band
  • Tripod
  • Camera, phone, tablet for video recording 




Attendance Requirements


We’re coaches. If you’ve ever been on an athletic team you know that ‘optional attendance’ is not an option. There is no optional in our program. We haven’t built in any fluff or extra stuff--it’s all essential to get you to becoming a teacher. All sessions of the Weekend Onsite Intensives are mandatory and required for Yoga Alliance certification. 

Technical Requirements


Laptop Computer or Tablet (required for online and onsite); High speed internet connection; decent webcam; smartphone, tablet, camera to record and submit video; desire and commitment .  

Lead Trainers (aka Coaches) 


  • Quinn Reynolds, ERYT500
  • Lisako Koga, ERYT500
  • Clay Reynolds NESTA
  • Ty Reynolds NESTA
  • Titus Tard ERYT200 RYT 500
  • Poulomi Pai  RYT500
  • Jenna Rose RYT 500
  • Shannon Trantas RYT 500



Online Course + 6 Weekend Onsite Intensive


Winter 2018 (Charlotte)
Jan 7 - Mar 11, 2018
Charlotte Onsite Weekend Dates
[Arrichion Charlotte Training Facility: 125 Winona Street • Charlotte, NC 28203]
1/13, 1/14, 1/20, 1/21, 1/27, 1/28, 2/10, 2/11, 2/24, 2/25, 3/10, and 3/11


Spring 2018 (Raleigh)
Mar 11 - May 6, 2018
Raleigh Onsite Weekend Dates
[Arrichion Raleigh Training Facility: 8606 Jersey Court • Raleigh, NC 27617]
3/17, 3/18, 3/24, 3/25, 4/7, 4/8, 4/14, 4/15, 4/28, 4/29, 5/5, 5/6


You get the full yoga and circuit training online curriculum. You get a personal coach. You participate in all online activities and assessments. 12 days of intensive training onsite at our Raleigh or Charlotte location. Certifications:Yoga Alliance 200 Hour, Arrichion Level 1 Circuit Training, Red Cross CPR Certification




 Installment payment plan
($500 deposit and 12 payments of $241.67)


 Paid in full $2700


An Unbeatable Guarantee (conditions apply)


Try the Arrichion Teacher Training Program 100% Risk Free


For students who have completed the entire Online and Onsite portions of our program and are not satisfied, we’ll refund your money. We’re so confident in our coaching and our system that we don’t hesitate to guarantee our results for those who commit to following the system, meeting all the requirements,and doing all the work. 

If on Weekend 6, Day 11 of the Onsite Intensive you don’t think you’ve gotten results, give us a written request for a refund and we’ll give you your money back.


But, you have to have done ALL the work and met ALL the requirements of both the online and onsite parts of the program to qualify. Why? Because we know the system works and that when you do the work you’ll see results. 

Why Weekend 6, Day 11 only? Because by Day 11 of the onsite intensive you will have an understanding of cumulative and connected benefits of the online and onsite training systems. It’s a system, not a bunch of tactics. But, if you haven’t done ALL the work you can’t blame the system, or us.  

If you trust in our system, stay with the process, and put in the work we guarantee you’ll grow from a yogi or fitness freak
to a competent teacher ready to compete for a place in the yoga and fitness industry.

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