We’ll Coach You to Really Teach Yoga. Yoga Alliance 200 Hr. Teacher Training Certificate +
Bonus Circuit Training and CPR Certificates Included.

Twelve, NOT 21, Days away from home. Got your attention?

Are you serious about a career in the yoga and fitness industry? If so, standing out is not an option--it’s a must.

The Arrichion Hot Yoga Teacher Training Program: A Radically Different and Better Way to Prepare for a Career as a Yoga Teacher, Only 12 Days, NOT 21 Days Away From Home

You dream of having a professional career in yoga and fitness whether it’s part-time for extra income, a full-time career move, or doing workshops around the world. You’ve made the decision to go for it. You’re looking for a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance teacher training program. With so many options, how will you choose?


Will Your Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Program Prepare You to Stand Out In the Crowd?

Does this sound familiar?
  • “I googled yoga teacher training programs and so many came up it was overwhelming. What if I choose the wrong program?”
  • “I know a bunch of people from my studio who have taken teacher training and can’t get a teaching job.”
  • “I just took a class from a rookie teacher who was awful. How can I make sure that won’t be me?”
  • “It’s a big investment of time and money. What should I look for?”

How will you choose a teacher training program?

Lucky you. It’s a “buyers” market for teacher training. You have over 5,500 yoga teacher training options available.

Good news. It’s a growing industry. A 2016 Yoga in America Study conducted for Yoga Alliance and the Yoga Journal  reported that approximately 37 million Americans practiced yoga up from 20 million in 2012 with practitioners spending over $16 billion on yoga. The fitness industry is growing according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) jobs are expected to grow 8% by 2024.

Spoiler alert. It’s also competitive. Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal The 2016 Yoga in America Study found that there are two people training to be a yoga teacher for every current teacher. In fact, Andrew Tanner, Yoga Alliance spokesperson, cited a statistic in the November 2016 edition of Yoga Journal, that 100,000-plus yogis worldwide invest an average of $3,000 each in 200-hour YTTs a year (Eichenseher, p.50) That’s a lot of yoga teachers.

Unlucky you. The bottom line is this, aside from name and location, those 5,500 choices are all pretty much the same.  Same 21 Day Intensive. Same Yoga Alliance curriculum. Same Daily Schedule. Same Results.

Here’s the honest truth...

It’s NOT enough to just get your Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Teaching Certificate to achieve your dream of being a yoga teacher in a crowded and competitive market. You’re going to have to be DIFFERENT and BETTER to stand out in ways that matter.

Choosing your teacher training program is your first step in differentiating yourself. If you’re serious about becoming different and better, it becomes a critical decision.

It might be more important than you think.

Did you know that most yoga teachers leave their training program with a credential but then struggle to find work because they lack actual teaching skills and experience?
Don’t believe us? Here’s what a November 2016, Yoga Journal feature, by Tasha Eichenseher, “What It Takes To Teach” had to say about 200 hour yoga teacher training (YTT).

“It was an amazing retreat experience, with hours and hours of practice,
but the ‘teacher training’ part was a big, expensive joke.”

said Mandy Uzanski Enright, 200-hour YTT grad, New Jersey Shore (Eichenseher, p.50).

“When her 200 hours were complete, Enright says she had no idea how to hold a safe space for students or cue asana outside of the two sequences she’d learned...So she decided not to teach.” (Eichenseher, p.50).

Unfortunately, Enright is not alone.

We’re going to let you in on a secret we discovered when we were hiring teachers for our studios….
Most Yoga Teacher Training programs don’t really teach you to teach let alone give you the entrepreneurial tools and skills to compete in the marketplace.

Some focus on “THE REAL YOGA.”  Some focus on a “BRAND of YOGA”. Some are in exotic places. Some are in boring places. They give you a terrific yoga holiday experience. They help you to deepen your practice. They connect you with a great group of new friends. They broaden your understanding of the history and philosophy of yoga. They might even introduce you to yoga celebrities.

But, they aren’t focused on making sure you have enough time practicing teaching to gain the skills and confidence to teach. And, they don’t help you prepare for the business side of teaching.

Imagine spending 21 days and thousands of dollars for a yoga teacher training program and not be skilled or confident enough to teach a yoga class. Imagine leaving the training without ever teaching a class. Imagine getting home without a plan for getting your first teaching job.

The bottom line is this, aside from name and location, those 5,000 choices are all pretty much the same. Same 21 Days, Same Yoga Alliance curriculum, Same Daily Schedule.

Same. Results.
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It’s tough to get to DIFFERENT and BETTER and Tough to stand out from the crowd if your Yoga Teacher Training is the same as everyone else’s Yoga Teacher Training.

Finally, YOU have a real option. An innovative teacher training program that’s unlike anything else on the market. A teacher training program that’s radically different and better in the ways that matter. An option that’s not based on exotic locations or celebrity yogis.

Introducing the Arrichion Hot Yoga Teacher Training program
We promise you won’t find another program anywhere that

  • Is 200 Hour YTT Yoga Alliance approved
  • Only requires you to be away from home for 12 days, NOT 21 days?
  • Includes bonus certifications in Circuit Training and CPR/First Aid?
  • Trains you like an elite athlete
  • Comes with your own personal coach
  • Is relentlessly focused on teaching you to teach
  • Requires you to design and teach a 45 minute yoga class and a 22 minute circuit class
  • Challenges you to develop your personal business model using the same tools as leading entrepreneurs?
  • Takes advantage of the best learning through technology and old-fashioned face-to-face coaching
  • Prepares you for a professional career
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee

Are you serious about a career in the yoga and fitness industry? If so, standing out is not an option--it’s a must.

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