Hi, This is Quinn, Clay, Ty, and Lisako, founders of the Arrichion Hot Yoga Teacher Training System: A REALLY DIFFERENT and BETTER YOGA ALLIANCE APPROVED TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM. We help yogis and fitness freaks get yoga and circuit training teacher certifications and a customized plan for getting their dream job in the yoga/fitness industry.

Arrichion Quinn Reynolds  Arrichion Clay Reynolds  Arrichion Ty Reynolds  Arrichion Lisako Koga

From L to R
Quinn Reynolds, Clay Reynolds, Ty Reynolds, Lisako Koga

Our story….. Once upon a time…three young athletes realized that they could make decent spending money by coaching kids in the technical aspects of their sports. The facilities were in place--a wrestling mat in the garage, a soccer goal in the yard. All we needed were clients. Word of mouth and reputation brought those. Clay and Ty lined up wrestlers and Quinn scheduled soccer players. Bagging groceries or working at McDonalds didn’t fit into our training schedules and this paid better.

Along the way, we went off to colleges and the Olympic Training Center, but we always fell back on our entrepreneurial craft--one-on- one technical skills training.

Clay and Ty expanded the wrestling one-on-one training to the Arrichion Wrestling Club, one of the country’s largest and most successful wrestling clubs, and moved from the family garage to a bigger garage and storage unit in two different North Carolina cities. Having spent numerous hours in some of the best strength training rooms in the country (college and Olympic Training Center) we figured why not convert those skills (strength and speed training) to our revenue producing repertoire. So, we completed the NESTA personal training certification and added speed and agility training for football players working for the NFL combine to our business model.

During one summer break from college at Illinois, Quinn, Big 10 scholarship soccer player, enrolled in a 200 hour yoga teacher training certification program. Back at U of Illinois and not wanting those yoga skills to get rusty, Quinn set up a side business teaching group yoga sessions for Illini sorority girls. Push back the furniture, line up the mats, cash only, namaste. 

College was followed by a wonderful stint living and travelling in Brazil, but nothing lasts forever and after about 6 months, Quinn found herself looking for her next adventure. Why not complete her 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training? So, she left Sao Paolo for Dallas and two months of intensive yoga teacher training. Training completed, she considered looking for a yoga teaching job in New York or Chicago--but it didn’t feel quite right. 

Going to work teaching for a gym or studio, coaching soccer for a club, taking an office job to pay the bills felt restrictive. We’d been entrepreneurs since we were 16. Granted we’d flown under the wire so to speak, but we had learned a lot along the way about developing our product and picking up client. The money from private technique training and the wrestling club was pretty good in the short term for college kids--it just wasn’t sustainable for the long haul.
Here’s what we did... So we said, “What the heck, we’ll open our own hot yoga studio. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Let’s do it!” After all, we were wild and invincible. Sometimes it’s a blessing to “not know what you don’t know.”  By the time we figured out that we had no idea how to run a REAL business, it was too late to turn back.

And so, our bold, crazy (some would say stupid) idea was born. Arrichion Hot Yoga and Circuit Training.
Here’s what little we did know… We knew we’d teach an athletic brand of yoga--what else would we do--we’re athletes. We knew it would be hot yoga--athletes know they are working when they are sweating.

We knew it wouldn’t just be yoga.

Paul and Mary Turner

We’d add a hybrid class of hot yoga and circuit training--a first of its kind in the country as far as we could tell. We believed that the combination of hot yoga and circuit training was better than either one alone and we were trained in both. [7] [8] 
Here’s how we did it…. We researched how other studios started. We talked with successful small business owners. We tapped our wrestling connections for legal and accounting services. We read about marketing. We handed out cards in parking lots, coffee shops, and sidewalk cafes. We put up signs on the streets. We got our friend to help us with a website. We started a twitter account. (Our first client, Kevin from Twitter, is with us still.)

We hustled.

And, we opened a studio on a Raleigh cul de sac with no street visibility--on a shoestring.

About the only thing we knew with 100% certainty was 

Quinn taught ALL yoga classes. Ty signed into ALL classes as Zach Morris, his Saved by the Bell alias, our friend signed in as Slater, LOL. Why? So the other clients in the room (sometimes there were only 2 or 3) wouldn’t know we were related. Ty taught circuit classes. Clay kept the wrestling and training going in Charlotte--we knew it would be our second market. [Bold, crazy thinkers]

 Our yoga was geared to fitness--not spiritual, not scholarly. Our default mode was coaching--it’s who we are and what we know.

Along the way….
We got lucky and picked up Lisako (well, Ty did, but we claim her). Duke grad, smart as a whip, can-do attitude, plus website and graphic designer, marketing expertise, yoga teacher--a win-win.

This is what happened...

Our members got results and told others about us. Our community developed organically. Our system evolved. Our business grew.

We opened a second studio in Charlotte. And, a third in Durham. INSERT PICS OF CHARLOTTE AND DURHAM

Before we knew it, we had signed up hundreds of clients who were just as excited to train with us as we were with them! Want to meet a few of them?

Forgive us for repeating ourselves but like we’ve said, most teacher training programs don’t teach you to teach.

Here’s how we know. We needed teachers to work in our growing studios. Lots of Yoga Alliance certified teachers came by our studios looking for work. We interviewed them. We had them teach a demo class. But, something just wasn’t right.

At Arrichion, our teachers are our product. Arrichion teachers are:
  • Teachers who believe in our athletic brand of yoga and fitness system.
  • Teachers who are more interested in helping clients improve than in showing off their own practice.
  • Teachers who have a good personality--nice people.
  • Teachers who are coachable. Teachers who can coach.
  • Teachers who have a good work ethic.
  • Teachers who are trained in the details of the craft.

When we interviewed those certified teachers here’s what we got more often than not...[9] 
Some of them had amazing yoga practices, some could ‘kind of’ deliver a memorized script, some were so interested in showing how much they knew that we had trouble following their instructions in class, some were experts in sanskrit and yoga spirituality, but we were looking for teachers who could actually teach--coach, really, because the best teachers are coaches and the best coaches are teachers.

So, even after we pulled the unqualified already trained Yoga Alliance certified teachers from the applicant pool--those not ready to step outside themselves, those who didn’t align with our athletic brand of yoga, those who were too focused on improving their own practice, those who didn’t know their stuff--we still came up short. Overwhelmingly, they didn’t have the combination of knowledge, skill, and confidence to fit into our brand.

It was clear to us that if we wanted teachers we would have to train them ourselves. After all, we knew that if we could turn 2-legged marshmallow athletes into champions and if we could help our yoga clients achieve fitness goals regardless of where they started we could surely turn motivated yoga students into yoga teachers who could actually teach.                                                              


And, so our Arrichion teacher training program was born and all was good until Arrichion offered a franchise option.
We were running weekend Yoga Alliance approved teacher training a couple of times a year. The training system was really good for supplying great teachers for our studios, but it just wasn’t an efficient model for growing a franchise. Suddenly, we needed MORE trained teachers and they weren’t all local. We needed a supply of competent teachers who could teach our brand of athletic yoga to our satisfaction not only in our studios but also in the studios of our franchisees.


We had a problem.

We needed a way to make our successful system scalable, more accessible, and flexible without sacrificing results, our personalized approach, our coaching model, yoga and circuit training certification, and Yoga Alliance approval.
We introduced the Arrichion team to you earlier, but we left out one player--our mom-- an award-winning developer of innovative online college courses and educational games. More than ten years ago she led a team that created the first ever college credit course in microeconomics designed as a game--100% game start to finish. (find link to Campus Technology award). Her products have won SIIA CODiE awards, University Continuing Education awards, Univ distance learning assoc awards, Bessie Awards. [insert logos]

It’s always surprising how many problems moms can solve.

Amazing things happen when you bring the best of technology, theory, design, and expert coaching together.

Quinn teaching Kurtis or Brittany

We had no idea what we were asking or how hard it would be. We couldn’t have imagined how much we would learn about design, learning theory, technology, assessment, etc. It took a lot of effort, a lot of reworking, a lot of time, some frustration. If you’ve ever worked on a project of this magnitude with your siblings you know what we mean. 

After lots of blood, sweat, and tears we came up with an awesome solution.

For the first time ever you can take advantage of the same teacher training and coaching system that we use to train and coach our own teachers and our franchisees. And, you can get Yoga Alliance 200 hour certification with only 12 days, NOT 21 days,  away from home. That’s not a typo...12 days.

The Arrichion Hot Yoga Teacher Training is what different and better really looks like…
You Get Certifications: DIFFERENT and BETTER
Let’s get the obvious part out of the way first. You KNOW you need certification, a credential to teach yoga. At Arrichion, you’ll get more certifications than you’ll get in any other training program. At Arrichion, you’ll get different certifications than from any other training program. More is better because yoga plus circuit plus CPR/First Aid makes you more valuable in the market. More is better because it will differentiate you. You’ll immediately stand out from the crowd.

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification.
The Yoga Alliance certification is the currently accepted standard in the industry. Many studios require it for employment. In fact, the 2016 Yoga in America survey found that 91% of studio owners recognize Yoga Alliance’s credential as important for their teachers.

Circuit Training Certification.
Did you know that a 2016 Yoga Alliance/Yoga Journal study found that 79% of practitioners also run, cycle, lift weights or participate in at least one other athletic activities and that more than half of yoga studios generate revenue from offering other types of fitness classes, wellness services and accessories? Our fitness model is built on yoga and circuit training and will differentiate you in the market. You might even come over to the ‘dark side’ believing that yoga is good for fitness, but yoga + circuit training=Great. Regardless, you’ll have a skill that separates you from the pack.

Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certification.
It’s required for the job. But, other programs assume you’ll get it elsewhere.

How It Works: Really Different and Much BETTER
Relentless Focus on Teaching YOU to Teach. [11] 

Dina Video Here

You can read books describing how to swim. You can watch other people swim. You can be told how to swim. But, until you jump into the water you won’t learn how to swim. And even with lessons and practice getting good at swimming is a process. 

It’s no different with teaching yoga. You have to DO not just read and watch.  In the Arrichion system, 80% of your time will be spent doing. We’ve boiled the content down to essentials and structured the learning from simple to complex and from part to whole.  The Arrichion teacher training program jumps you into ‘teaching’ the first week of the online course and that active learning continues through the onsite and apprenticeship experiences.

There is NOT another teacher training that incorporates actual teaching into the program the way we do. You will begin practice teaching during the online course in a safe environment with coaches and peers--LOTS of TEACHING. You will come to the intensive ready to teach, really teach, on Day 1. You will already have designed your 45 minute class for yoga and your 22 minute class for circuit. What a jump start on the most important outcome of your teacher training--ACTUALLY BEING SKILLED AND CONFIDENT TO TEACH A REAL CLASS! [12]  

Still Image of teaching here (maybe of Ty teaching? Lisako?)

You won’t be among the yoga teacher trained newbies who “leave their training program with a credential but then struggle to find work because they[13]  lack actual teaching skills and experience.”

Top executives and athletes hire personal coaches, you need one, too.
We added coaches to keep you accountable, to push you, to give you feedback, to encourage you, and to get you to your goal. We don’t believe learning should be take it or leave it. To be honest, most learning  whether online or onsite is take it or leave it. A lot of certification programs operate from this position.. Believe us. We’ve been disappointed.

If you are putting in the effort, doing the work, staying with the system and are having difficulty, we will be there to help you. We’re coaches. We will KNOW if you are working or if you are fooling yourself and we will hold you accountable, because we hold ourselves accountable.

We take it personally if the people we are coaching are not progressing. Our system is deliberately designed to work with every individual from where they are and to help them achieve their goal. Let us repeat ourselves...We take this personally.  We put 100% effort into creating an environment where our trained coaches facilitate, suggest improvements, and celebrate victories. It is an environment where students support one another. Support is always available.

Great coaches still have ego, but it’s a different kind of EGO--It moves from “I’ll show you how great I am.” to “I’ll show you how great I can make YOU.”

Slight change of words. HUGE change in results.

Train Like An Athlete
In both the online and onsite parts of the program, you will be working like an athlete in training as you develop your teaching skills. You’ll be using the techniques and tools used by elite athletes in training and entrepreneurs building their business. You’ll be coached across all learning modules. It’s structured for accountability. It’s backed by research.

●      You’ll learn skills at your own pace but working on the edge of your comfort zone
●      You’ll focus on fundamentals, grounding in basics, hands-on, drilling, situation practice, whole practice. 
●      You’ll practice with intention and focus--all practice is not created equal
●      You’ll  submit videos of your work
●      You’ll receive feedback from coaches on your video submissions to improve[14] [15] 
●      You’ll use video like athletes in training do for replay, review, reflection, and feedback
●      You’ll building up a video bank of successful and unsuccessful skill attempts to take your practice to a new level
●      You’ll discovering your flaws and your strengths so you can improve
●      You’ll receiving timely, frequent, and substantive feedback and direction from your coach
●      You’ll have time to practice without feedback so you can start to figure things out for yourself
●      You’ll learn to be your own coach
●      You’ll work with classmates to analyze and critique techniques on the way to a deeper understanding
●      You’ll practice relentlessly until you can perform skills without thinking (repetition to automaticity) so you can move onto more complex tasks like teaching a class
●      You’ll layer learning from simple to complex--from demonstrating a single pose or technique to chaining several together
●      You’ll use new skills and techniques in real time
●      You’ll develop an appreciation for the process and the effort
●      You’ll know that you have to practice even when you don’t feel like it or when noone is watching
●      You’ll learning how to fail in order to succeed
●      You’ll grow hungry for competition---the opportunity to show off your skills

Learning over time, not crammed into 21 days
Because that’s how real learning happens.  Researchers have been telling us this for years. You already know this from your own experiences. Think about a skill or topic that you know well. How did you get there? Did you learn to play tennis or ski by spending one day on the court or mountain, and then have it mastered? Did you learn to speak a foreign language by participating in an intensive 3 week 12 hour day program? Or, did you learn it slowly over a semester study abroad where you had repeated exposure to the language in context? 

When you train with Arrichion you will spend 7 weeks developing your teaching foundation, 12 days extending and enhancing it, and 30 days putting it to practice in the real world. You’ll be learning over time and within a structured system proven to hone your teaching skills and confidence.

You can choose a program that develops you to TEACH regardless of where you start.
●      You’ll master competencies instead of measuring time as the variable for learning.
●      You’ll have your own personal coach to guide you, push you, and hold you accountable.
●      You’ll work on a skill until you’re ready to move on.
●      You’ll connect your learning across a variety of real experiences and different learning environments--online and onsite.
●      You’ll experience the best learning technologies supported by proven learning theories
●      You’ll get yoga certified and you’ll also get circuit training and CPR certifications.
●      You’ll be more competitive because you have differentiated yourself from others.
●      You’ll have evidence to show what you can do.

Flexible, but NOT Self-Paced Scheduling
We built in plenty of flexibility, but we also inserted deadlines and attendance requirements.

We’re coaches. If you’ve ever been on an athletic team you know that ‘optional attendance’ is not an option. There is no optional in our program. We haven’t built in any fluff or extra stuff--it’s all essential to get you to becoming a teacher.

Other members of your team and the coaches are counting on you to be fully present. This program requires a full commitment.  Take this seriously--We do.

We designed the 7 week  online course for flexibility. You will be able to do a lot of the online course work (readings, quizzes, homework) on your schedule as long as you meet submission deadlines and are available for the scheduled real-time coaching sessions. 

All sessions of the  12* Day Onsite Intensive are mandatory and required for Yoga Alliance certification.

The 30 Day Apprenticeship[16]  pushes you out into the real world with two challenges--teach 10 classes and finish your career path plan that will catapult you into your dream fitness career.

Kurtis Video-sit down clip (screenshot)

Innovative Three Part Structure Maximizes Your Learning
The Arrichion program is structured into three parts and three delivery modes. Each part--online, onsite, and apprenticeship--is deliberately designed and connected to strengthen your learning. Each part reinforces the same concepts in different ways. One part builds on the other. Each component by itself can be an incredibly effective way to learn. Together they are POWERFUL.

Part 1: Online Wherever You Are, But Not Alone
Online 7 week course provides a flexible, highly personalized learning experience for developing foundational skills; required, scheduled, weekly video conferences with coaches provides feedback for improvement and accountability;  and peers develops team relationships.

●      The 7 week online action-oriented modules fast-track your preparation for the onsite face-to-face intensive.
●      Each module includes technique training, teaching methodology, anatomy, philosophy and history, business planning, and real-time interaction with coaches and peers.
●      Learn by doing. You’ll focus on learning techniques and practicing teaching. 80% of your time will be spent training to teach.
●      Take an Arrichion live streamed yoga or circuit class each week and break it down with your coaches during a videoconference.
●      Discover why we believe that training in both yoga and circuit makes you more marketable.
●      Get information from our technique videos, readings, and more.
●      See how our chunking of content leads to full script development.
●      Apply our proven tactics to your teaching.
●      Discover how elite athletes and coaches use video to develop their skills.
●      Submit videos of yourself executing and teaching what you’re learning and receive feedback from your coach.
●      You’ll be assigned to a small team with an Arrichion trained coach. Your coach has one purpose--to help you get better. 
●      There will be one coach for every 10 students. Coaches and teammates will support you and keep you accountable.
●      You can do a lot of the work on your own schedule--an advantage of online. But, this is NOT a 100% self-paced course.  There are regular deadlines for submission of work.
●      Participate in 1.5 hours a week of real time, face-to-face video meetings for feedback on assignments and collaboration with coach and peers. 
●      Start honing your teaching skills in module one.
●      Use the same business model tools that today’s most successful entrepreneurs use and discover the business model of YOU
●      Learn about yourself, learn about the industry, gain the confidence to compete in the market.
●      Begin developing your final projects (designing and teaching a 35 minute yoga class, a 30 minute circuit class, and your personal business model).
For the Arrichion System to be strongest it makes infinite sense to have the online come before the onsite.
●      Because online naturally accommodates individual student pacing--faster or slower--to catch up or move ahead.
●      Because as coaches we know that it takes time to sort out the levels in the room.
●      Because new knowledge and skill development is dependent on existing knowledge and skill development.
●      Because losing a few days of the intensive onsite experience is costly and hard to make up.
●      Because we are committed to transforming all of our students into teachers, regardless of where they start.
●      Because there are a lot of Quinn’s out there….:)

Quinn Reynolds, True Confessions…
I attended my 200 hour training coming off a grueling college soccer spring season and semester at the University of Illinois. I had fallen in love with Bikram yoga on my breaks from school, had limited practice beyond that, but was confident that my athleticism would carry me through the teacher training. I chose my teacher training program based on time (fit into my schedule by allowing me a few weeks after to get fit for soccer preseason) and the cost-less than the rest.

I basically lied on the application to get accepted.

On the first day of the yoga teacher training morning practice, I had to look around the room to imitate those around me because I didn’t recognize the Sanskrit and wasn’t sure of the poses. I’m positive the instructor who was a very accomplished yogi and teacher was saying to herself...”WTF?”  Thankfully, she didn’t send me home that morning.

It was probably two weeks into the four week experience before I ‘caught up’ with the group. Two weeks, half the program.

There were only two reasons that I got through the program--she was an amazing (and forgiving) teacher and I was a determined athlete.

Part 2: Onsite 12 Days in Raleigh
The 12 Day Onsite Intensive* at our Raleigh studio expands and deepens what you’ve learned in the online prep course and adds things better learned in the same physical space like adjustments, acro yoga, etc. It meets Yoga Alliance criteria for contact hours in a physical space.

You can hit the ground running because we got to know you during the online part of the program and your work in the online course has you prepared. You’ve already had tons of hours teaching, being coached, and practicing. Everyone comes into the onsite with a known baseline--this doesn’t happen in ANY OTHER YOGA ALLIANCE teacher training.

The Arrichion coaching model continues in the face-to-face training with individual and group coaching from your personal coach and the Arrichion head coaching staff.

During the Onsite Intensive you’ll
●      Participate in Daily workshops cover a lot including advanced poses, adjustments, acro-yoga, CPR and First Aid certification, applied anatomy, refinement of sequencing, timing, voice skills.
●      Attend special sessions on the business of yoga will help you understand how to find YOUR fit in the fitness and yoga industry.
●      Get a first hand look at our successful studio model.
●      Continue your work from online to refine your personal business model. We’ll help you put a plan in place to take the next steps toward your goals--professional teacher, workshop specialist, or business owner--It’s YOUR call.
●      Spend Lots of time refining and polishing your final projects and your personal plan.
●      Elevate your practice as you participate in and observe many and varied Arrichion hot yoga classes and master teachers.
●      Spend hours and hours teaching, teaching, teaching.
●      Deliver your final projects--teaching your 45 minute yoga and 22 minute circuit training classes to the larger group and receiving coaching evaluations from our head coaching staff along with your personal coach.

(Kurtis coaching video)

Part 3: Apprenticeship: A 30[17]  Day Challenge In the Real World
The Apprenticeship 30 Day Challenge extends your teaching practice into the real world while you finalize your business model and career plan.

Here’s what happens to most people after teacher training. They are on a yoga high--exhilarated from the intensive training, excited about the new friends they made….and EXHAUSTED. So, they return home and TAKE A BREAK. The intention is to only take a little break, but the reality is that little break turns into several months.

When they finally dust off their yoga teaching certificate, create a resume, and set out to get a teaching gig they run into this….the BIG DARK SECRET of the Yoga Teacher Training industry. The teacher training to market fail…..

Studios are looking to hire EXPERIENCED teachers.

But how do you get EXPERIENCE if you can’t get work?

The Apprenticeship program challenges the “training to market fail” this way….It gets you out teaching in the REAL WORLD.

During the Apprenticeship you’ll

●      Take the feedback you got on your projects and business model plans and improve them.
●      Round up friends, family, or clients and teach your ‘masterpiece’ ten times. Continue to improve. Submit a class log (we’ll give you a template) to prove you’ve done it.
●      Live stream your class to Arrichion coaches followed by immediate feedback session
●      Record and submit teaching videos for review.
●      Use the feedback to improve.
●      Work with your coach to refine your personal business model. Set YOUR goals. 
●      Create an action plan to achieve those goals.
●      Learn how to use social media, email, and flyers to get clients.
●      Develop your yoga resume and portfolio.
●      Keep in touch through Arrichion’s private social media groups for alums and participants of our training programs.
●      Commit to honing your craft, continued learning, getting better.

Results: Radically DIFFERENT and TONS BETTER
Credentials are great. Certificates are important. But what counts at the end of the day is what you CAN ACTUALLY DO. You need to show what you can DO not just what you KNOW (certificate). We prepare you for that. You walk away with more than a credential from Yoga Alliance and ACE. You have REAL EVIDENCE that you can teach and that you understand the industry.

Final Projects Highlight Your Teaching and Design Skills
A Portfolio To Provide Proof
●      Videos of your teaching shows potential employers alot--assignments from your online course, teaching your 45 minute class as a final project
●      Your Coaches’ feedback of your final projects gives testimonial and provides reference based on what you can do

(Still image showing teaching)

Entrepreneurial Thinking Tools to Help You Compete 
Regardless of where you take your yoga/fitness career in the 21st c. you need to take on an entrepreneurial attitude and way of thinking. The world doesn’t care what you know. It only cares about what you can do with what you know. Each week of the Arrichion training program you’ll spend time working through a business modeling tool used by entrepreneurs across the globe.

The Business Model You program Can you add value? Can you help recruit and retain clients? Can you teach and coach? Can you reinvent yourself? Can you help move the organization forward?

You can choose a program that prepares you to compete for a CAREER in the yoga and fitness business.

●      You’ll learn to think like an entrepreneur. How to be a self-starter.  It doesn’t matter if you plan to teach part-time for a studio or gym in your community, if you plan to make yoga and fitness your full-time job, if you plan to teach private yoga classes, to do workshops in a specialty area. It doesn’t matter. You have to think like an entrepreneur to get to any of them.
●      You’ll have the tools to develop your personal business model so you can find your best fit for the industry. We won’t just point you to the tools or tell you to find your niche.
●      You’ll leave Arrichion being able to show what you can do instead of what you know.
●      Your Business model and plan helps to define where you need to go and how to get there

A Mindset for Ongoing Learning and Development
You’ll leave Arrichion confident and competent. Skilled, Confident, Focused, and Prepared. But, we’d be lying if we told you that you will be an expert teacher. You won’t be.  

We hope you’ll be inspired you to approach your  new career with a growth mindset--a focus on the process, an attitude that supports getting better, and the understanding that getting better requires failures and time. We hope you embrace a coaching culture.

At the end of the day, it’s that growth mindset, the coaching mentality, and a serious commitment to DIFFERENT and BETTER that will be your greatest asset.

Is the Arrichion Teacher Training Program for You?
We’re looking for students who are serious about a yoga and fitness career, who are motivated to learn, and who are willing to take risks to get there. Students who want to be DIFFERENT and BETTER.

Arrichion is NOT for you if:
●      You are looking for a quick, easy way to a 200 hour yoga certificate.
●      You are looking for spiritual or scholarly yoga program.
●      You don’t want to be challenged to learn.
●      You don’t believe that our three part structure is valid or that you can learn online.
●      You don’t want to put in the time and effort.

Arrichion is right for you if:
●      You REALLY want to learn to teach yoga--to invest the time and effort into developing the skills.
●      You’re looking the kinds of personalized support and feedback that you’ll get from a coach.
●      You understand that following the process will get you results.
●      You are looking for a program that is athletic and fitness based. No Sanskrit. No OMs. No apologies.
●      You want Yoga Alliance certifications and you also see the benefit of the bonus certifications in circuit training and CPR.
●      You are looking for a professional career opportunities. 

Here are some students who found Arrichion teacher training right for them.

Yes, you have other of options. We know that. Over 5,000 teacher training programs to choose from, but we challenge you to find one that delivers as much value as Arrichion. Arrichion isn’t just the cookie cutter curriculum adopted verbatim by the rest of the Yoga Alliance programs. Arrichion is a system developed and tested by coaches and business owners that know what matters when it comes to developing teachers.

We’re proven. We’ve done it. We’ve developed a program that is different from others on the market. It’s based on our experience. It’s based on our beliefs. It’s based on our successes and refined from our failures. We’ve added stuff that nobody else in the yoga teacher training industry is offering. Yoga and Circuit. Yoga Alliance approved. Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certification. Coaches. Business model development.  Community. Online, Onsite, and Apprenticeship opportunities to learn.


We have Limited Spaces open for the next training. Grab yours’ now.
Online Course January 8-February 25, 2017, Onsite in Raleigh  March 10-21, 2017, and Apprenticeship March 24-April 22
An Unbeatable Guarantee

Try the Arrichion Teacher Training Program 100% Risk Free

Try the entire Online and Onsite portions of our program and if you don’t we’ll refund your money. We’re so confident in our coaching and our system that we don’t hesitate to guarantee our results for those who commit to following the system, meeting all the requirements,and doing all the work.

If on Day 11 of the Onsite Intensive you don’t think you’ve gotten results, give us a written request for a refund and we’ll give you your money back.

But, you have to have done ALL the work and met ALL the requirements of both the online and onsite parts of the program to qualify. Why? Because we know the system works and that when you do the work you’ll see results.

Why Day 11 only? Because by Day 11 of the onsite intensive you will have an understanding of cumulative and connected benefits of the online and onsite training systems. It’s a system, not a bunch of tactics. But, if you haven’t done ALL the work you can’t blame the system, or us. 

If you trust in our system, stay with the process, and put in the work we guarantee you’ll grow from a yogi or fitness freak to a competent teacher ready to compete for a place in the yoga and fitness industry.

I’m Ready to Do This
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Online Course + 12 Day Onsite Intensive + 30 Day Apprenticeship Challenge
You get the full yoga and circuit training online curriculum. You get a personal coach. You participate in all online activities and assessments. 12 days of intensive training onsite at our Raleigh or Charlotte location. Certifications: Yoga Alliance 200 Hour, Arrichion Level 1 Circuit Training,Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certification. This option takes your teaching practice and personal business model development to another level. PLUS, the support to keep your momentum going. During the Apprenticeship 45 Day Challenge you will teach, develop your career plan.

$3400 plus travel and housing expenses for 12 day onsite intensive training.

$700 deposit and 4 payments of $675

Paid in full $3200

Frequently Asked Questions
We understand you might have questions about our approach….
Are you thinking you don’t learn as much in online learning? 
Are you skeptical about online learning in general? Don’t think it’s for you? We don’t blame you.

The thought of a 100% self-paced course feels isolating and isn’t appealing to us either. That’s why schedule, real-time interactions with your coach and peers are deliberately designed into the online course.

However, flexibility to work around your busy schedule, learning at your pace and not the group pace, and cost-savings (reduces time away from home) make the Arrichion online course an attractive addition to teacher training.  The Arrichion Teacher Training System is a carefully designed, highly structured, high-touch model regardless of the delivery medium.
●      It is NOT self-paced where you only read something or watch a video lecture and take a multiple choice test.
●      It is NOT a bunch of modules strung together from a prescribed curriculum.
●      You will NOT be asked to write book reports or to do filler activities for the sake of trying to look academic and rigorous.
●      It does NOT rely on you to contact your instructor by email or chat if you have a question.


  • It requires you to practice teaching from week one and to SUBMIT VIDEOS OF YOUR PRACTICE to your coach each week.
  • It includes only the information you need to learn to TEACH professionally.
  • It IS based on proven theories for LEARNING COMPLEX SKILLS.
  • You WILL have REAL-TIME SCHEDULED contact with your COACH--it’s not optional.
  • Everything you do deliberately and intentionally leads to TEACHING, CREATING CLASSES, CAREER.

Here’s more upside of learning online with Arrichion.

Arrichion’s online modules are designed to require learning by doing. You’ll be guided by your own personal coach. You have required real-time meetings even during the online portion of the program. And you’ll be doing a lot.

Technology can help you to learn at your own pace particularly when the goal is to progress toward mastery of specific competencies and skills. Technology can support a rich multimedia experience. Technology can provide frequent assessment and immediate feedback for foundational concepts. This leaves time for your coach to provide personalized one-to-one feedback and interactions on the more difficult competencies and skills .

Finally, research shows that you can learn even more in an online class and that holds true for both the least prepared and the most skilled. In fact, online courses where students interact frequently with others in small groups and have frequent feedback and interactions with instructors have better results than most traditional learning environments. And you may be surprised to learn that research also shows that online learning can actually be more personalized than face-to-face classroom learning.

Are you thinking, online courses are easy and don’t require much work?
You may have heard that it’s easy to get certifications online--not much work and everyone passes. NOT AT ARRICHION. WE ARE NOT A DIPLOMA MILL.  We estimate you’ll spend 10-15 hours a week during the online segment. You can’t learn if you don’t commit the time. We’re not about handing out certificates  for ‘free.’  After all, our reputation AND YOURS depends on it. 

Much of the time can be on your own schedule. Most, not all.

Some specifics: You’ll must commit to  3 hours of real time video sessions each week. You need to submit your work for your coach to review according to schedules set forth in the course calendar. This will include written work and the videos you produce to show your practice and teaching development.

Outside of the required scheduled real-time meetings you’ll need to find time for approximately 10 hours for reading, solo work, self-study, quizzes to test understanding, practicing poses of week, worksheets and creating your teaching video for weekly submission.

There is no fluff or extra built into the curriculum so if we have it in it’s essential and we expect you to do it (coaches never have optional practices/activities--ask any college athlete)

If around 15 hours a week is a problem for you our program may not be for you at this time.

Reminder: This program is for students who are looking for elite level training and a program that surpasses all industry standards. Students who are serious about building a career as a yoga professional. It’s not for students looking for a quick, easy way to a certificate.

Are you thinking, that you have to meet face to face for at least 21 days to cover the Yoga Alliance curriculum?
Yoga Alliance requires 180 contact hours in physical presence. We meet the requirement. Onsite. 12 Days. 6am-9pm.

The most important consideration, however, is achieving results. And we are results focused.

We have intentionally structured the activities for the 12 of intensive immersion to build on the learning from the 7 week online experience.

We’re coaches and we use intensive training camps with three to four sessions a day to bring our athletes to a new level, to develop team spirit, to cover a lot quickly. We know how to pace intensive, immersive learning each day and over the 12 days.

Our intention from the beginning has been to reduce the number of days in the onsite immersion to a number that would 1) deliver learning results, 2) would meet the Yoga Alliance criteria for physical space contact hours, and 3) would keep the cost down for students. Our program design will accomplish that.

We want training to be accessible to a diverse audience--not just the privileged. A lot of people who want to become yoga professionals simply can’t take 21 days (the new norm) or a month away from their day to day responsibilities. The cost in time and money is too high. A 12 day onsite immersive coupled with the online course will reduce overall costs by reducing the travel and living costs away from home.

Are you Yoga Alliance Certified?
Yes. Yoga Alliance is a huge organization that brings brand recognition to yoga. It provides wonderful information through its magazine, The Yoga Journal, found at newsstands and online. The Yoga Alliance curriculum framework provides content standardardization for teacher training programs in the U.S. and abroad. We follow their curricular content standards. There is a lot of debate these days around externally imposed standards--think No Child Left Behind and Common Core. But we actually think standards can be a good thing--we set lots of them for ourselves and our students. But implementation of curriculum standards doesn’t make for a great program or automatically equate to learning. Standards are only a starting point. It’s what you do with them and beyond them that makes the difference.  

The Arrichion system goes WAY beyond Yoga Alliance requirements.

To qualify for Yoga Alliance certification you must sign up for the extended face-to-face onsite intensive (12 days).

What does Arrichion stand for?
Arrichion (Uh rik eon) was a real man; an ancient Greek Olympian who redefined strength and focus for all time.  He was mortally injured during an Olympic match (wrestling MMA style), yet Arrichion summoned the power to beat his opponent with his last dying breath. Translation and interpretation of ancient Greek texts vary slightly, but here’s the gist of how it happened. As Arrichion was being choked to death he forcefully wrenched his opponent’s ankle causing the man to tap out acknowledging defeat. Arrichion was awarded his third gold medal, posthumously.  [Dramatic, we know, but true].

Our Arrichion Training Systems don’t literally go to the same extremes as the man, Arrichion, to achieve our goals, but figuratively our commitment is similar. Arrichion’s indomitable spirit has influenced our training systems and our approach to coaching and teaching. 

Our motto, Strength Through Focus, defines us. Can it define you? 


Possibly add very short testimonials from clients and teachers and athletes answering What does Arrichion stand for?
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What’s the research behind your system? We will COACH you through our PROVEN SYSTEM. A system that delivers results. It’s the same system we use to coach elite athletes to win at high levels. The same system we use to coach our clients to achieve fitness goals. It’s evidence based, but practical. It’s dependent on a growth mindset.  It’s focused on a structured process, deliberate practice. It’s led by expert coaches. It’s research-based.

Growth Mindset (Carol Dweck, add link)
  • Skills, intelligence, talent are developed. They’re not fixed. You’re not born with them.
  • It’s not just about effort.
  • Challenges and setbacks need to be embraced on your way to learning.
  • The path to a growth mindset is a journey.

Deliberate Practice (Anders Erickson, add link)

  1. All practice is not created equal.
  2. To learn a skill you need to have intentional practice: Practice has to be done with focus.
  3. Practice has to be structured to address a current skill level with an eye to the next level.
  4. Learning only  occurs when the challenge exceeds your current skill level--not too hard, just hard enough.
  5. It’s not fun. It’s difficult to stay in that challenge zone for long periods of time.
  6. You can’t do it on your own.
  7. You need an expert coach to establish the structure and to give you feedback.
  8. The feedback you get needs to be substantive and provide direction for improvement.
  9. Skill development requires repetition and time. Repetition is the mother of all learning. You can’t become fluent in a skill until you have repeated it to automaticity.
  10. How all experts become experts regardless of the discipline--music, math, sports, art, etc.

4C Learning Blueprint (add link)

  1. 4 steps to learning a complex skill
  2. Whole practice
  3. Support Information
  4. Practice
  5. Part-whole practice

What are the requirements to be admitted?

We have an open enrollment philosophy. If you want to learn to teach, are serious about a career in yoga fitness, and are willing to put in the work and time you meet our requirements.

Is the program open to participants from outside U.S?

Definitely, you will need proficient English skills.

Who is the ideal Arrichion Hot Yoga Teacher training student?

We teach an athletic style of yoga plus circuit training. We are fitness oriented. We have created a system built on coaching principles and designed to teach you to teach.  If this sounds like what you’re looking for, we hope you apply. We do best with students who are serious about a yoga fitness career, who are motivated to learn, and who are willing to take risks to get there.

If however, you are more interested in a spiritual or scholarly yoga teaching and practice we are not the program for you. We don’t pretend to make you an expert in history, philosophy, spirituality. We don’t even try. There are lots of good teacher training programs out there that will fit your requirements. We wish you the best.

What are the important dates and deadlines?

Next Session begins  Online January- ; Onsite March - ; Apprenticeship Challenge March -

How much does it cost?

We have two options.
Option I: Online Course + 12 Day Onsite Intensive 
$3200 plus travel and housing expenses for 12 day onsite intensive training.
Option II: Online Course + 12 Day Onsite Intensive + Apprenticeship  
$3600 plus travel and housing expenses for 12 day onsite intensive training.

If this investment in time and money is too much, we totally get it. Arrichion Hot Yoga Teacher Training isn’t for you at this time.

Where do we stay during the onsite intensive training?

The Raleigh Durham International Airport is within 2 miles of the studio. There are hotels, restaurants and shopping within 2 miles of the Raleigh studio, as well. Further information will be sent with confirmation packets.

How can I pay? 

We accept VISA, Mastercard, and Discover (sorry we cannot accept American Express). The online application will walk you through the payment process. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Defer the program - full credit towards future ytt (no refund)
Set date for penalty

Which option is best?

It depends. Only you know where you want to take your career and when.

The system is deliberately integrated to optimize learning across each segment. Obviously, the more you do the better prepared you’ll be. Regardless of which option you choose, you will be learning by doing and you will benefit from having your own personal coach.

Our online and onsite combination covers all aspects of the Yoga Alliance curricular requirements, our 25 hour Arrichion Level 1 Circuit Training requirements, plus Red Cross CPR and First Aid certification.[insert link], AND your personal business model.

The Apprenticeship Challenge pushes you to take what you know and can DO into the REAL WORLD. It also gives you time to test your business model under the guidance of your coach.

Money-back Guarantee

Insert Rich’s language

How much time can I expect to spend on the online coursework?

You may have heard that it’s easy to get certifications online--not much work and everyone passes. NOT AT  ARRICHION. WE ARE NOT A DIPLOMA MILL.  We estimate you’ll spend approximately 15 hours a week. You can’t learn if you don’t commit the time. We’re not about handing out certificates  for ‘free.’  After all, our reputation AND YOURS depends on it. So to the question, “How much time can I expect to spend on the online coursework?”

A lot. Much of it can be on your own schedule. Most, not all.
Some specifics: You’ll must commit to  3 hours of real time video sessions each week. You need to submit your work for your coach to review according to schedules set forth in the course calendar. This will include written work and the videos you produce to show your practice and teaching development.

Outside of the required scheduled real-time meetings you’ll need to find time for approximately 10 hours for reading, solo work, self-study, quizzes to test understanding, practicing poses of week, worksheets and creating your teaching video for weekly submission.

There is no fluff or extra built into the curriculum so if we have it in it’s essential and we expect you to do it (coaches never have optional practices/activities--ask any college athlete.)

If around 15 hours a week is a problem for you our program may not be for you at this time.

What books and supplies do I need to buy for the course?

What is the calendar like?

Online assignments are due on Friday by midnight. Sunday afternoon real-time sessions are mandatory so block off all Sundays from 1-4 pm EST.

What are the technical requirements for the online course?

Laptop Computer or Tablet (required for online and onsite); High speed internet connection; decent webcam; smartphone, tablet, camera to record and submit video; desire and commitment .

What is class size?

Here’s our model. One coach to ten students. It will always feel small to you. Whenever we add more students we add more coaches, keeping our ratio at a very intimate 10:1 ratio. We are small on purpose--our goal is to help you develop to your personal best. We know how to do that through coaching and it requires personal attention. Remember, we’re not just training you, we’re training future Arrichion partners. Quality is our first priority. Over the program you’ll get to know your coach and the people in your group well. You’ll also get a chance to expand your community beyond your personal group and coach. We will provide a space for free-flowing discussions with all participants and Arrichion coaches.

What are the onsite intensive training sessions like?

Intense. Each day begins with a 6 am yoga session warm-up and ends with an 8:30-9 pm cool-down (a look back at what you’ve done and a look forward at what you’ll be doing). Trust us, we’re coaches and we know how to pace immersive training sessions to maximize results.

What are the onsite training facilities like?

Insert pics and descriptions

Do you guarantee I’ll get a job?

We can’t guarantee that, nobody can. And you probably shouldn’t trust a teacher training program that does. Here’s why: We all begin at different levels of skill and experience. We all develop at different rates. We all have different aspirations. We all have different markets. Here’s what we promise: You will have alot of time to practice teaching in a safe environment. You will design and teach a full yoga class and shorter circuit training class. You will get feedback on your work and coaching to guide you. You will work on your personal business model.

What Are You Waiting For?

I’m Ready to Do This

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Online Course + 12 Day Onsite Intensive + 30 Day Apprenticeship Challenge

You get the full yoga and circuit training online curriculum. You get a personal coach. You participate in all online activities and assessments. 12 days of intensive training onsite at our Raleigh or Charlotte location. Certifications: Yoga Alliance 200 Hour, Arrichion Level 1 Circuit Training,Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certification. This option takes your teaching practice and personal business model development to another level. PLUS, the support to keep your momentum going. During the Apprenticeship 45 Day Challenge you will teach, develop your career plan.
$3400 plus travel and housing expenses for 12 day onsite intensive training.
$700 deposit and 4 payments of $675
Paid in full $3200


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