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New Students, Welcome to Arrichion!

Please read through the list below before attending your first class. Our program is unique, and these guidelines will help you arrive ready to go and prepared to get the most from your first and future classes!

Here are things you'll need for your first visit:

  • Valid ID (required for all first time clients)
  • Workout clothes.
  • Yoga mat (we have $2 rental or $15 to purchase).
  • A big towel (you will sweat a lot; we have towels for $6).
  • Water (we have water for sale $1).
  • A signed copy of the New Student Form  click here to download  ).
    All new students must bring a new student form before the start of the class. You may be asked to come back if you arrive less than 3 minutes before class time without a completed form, as it may not allow you the time to fill out the forms and get set up for class.
  • Cash or Credit Card (Visa, MC, Discover accepted. Sorry no American Express) to pay for the introductory deal or yoga drop-in. You can also do this ahead of time. See link below. 
  • For students who signed up through Groupon or Living Social, please either print the voucher and attach behind the new student form or write your VOUCHER NUMBER (not Groupon number) at the bottom of the form. 
  • Change of clothes for after class (we have changing rooms and a shower is available).

 ad_20420AWhen you arrive at the studio:


  • Please be there 15 to 20 minutes before class starts for your first visit so that we can get you set up. Please note our policy (above) regarding new students arriving less than 3 minutes before class start time.
  • Our classes are first come, first serve (with the exception of Sparta), so arrive at least 20 minutes early during busy times to get into a class.
  • Doors are locked at the beginning of class. Please be on time. Sorry, no late entry.
  • Parking in Raleigh: We have parking in front and back of the studio and the lot across the cul-de-sac. (Click here to see parking map)
  • Parking in Durham: Parking is available in front of our building. You can also park behind the shopping center (go around the corner of our studio).
  • Parking in Charlotte: Parking is available in front of our building or if it's after 5pm you can park across the street in HD Electric lot.
  • Please ALWAYS check in at the front desk to sign into a class. Teacher/staff will assist you if it is your first visit. Having your new student form completed before your first visit will speed up your check-in process.
  • Please leave all personal belongings, including your shoes, bag, phones, keys in the changing rooms (cubbies are available). You will only need your mat, towel, and water in the yoga room.
  • Please keep cell phones out of our yoga room. (Please let us know if you are on-call).
  • When you enter the yoga room, place your mat on a designated spot (line up the top of the mat to the taped line) and keep the mat there until class begins.
  • Before class starts, you can wait quietly in the yoga room until class begins or hang out with our friendly staff and other Arrichion members in the lobby.

    During class:


  • Take the class at your own pace. It's ok to modify or take a break if needed. You can sit or lie down on your mat or take water breaks (you do not have to wait until our designated water breaks).
  • Please try to stay in the classroom for the entire duration of the class. Students leaving the room during class can be a big distraction to other students and teachers.
  • Please refrain from talking to other students during class.
  • No cell phones in class. (If you are on-call, please let us know ahead of time)
  • Avoid eating heavy meals before class.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the class.
  • Have fun!