Raleigh Schedule


Try us out for 20 consecutive days. Take as many classes as you like during the 20- day period. *Must be a new client to any Arrichion location. Must present valid ID on the first visit. Purchase our Introductory Deal here.

Raleigh Schedule

Winter Weather Schedule
Due to winter weather/potential hazardous road conditions and for the safety of our yogis & teachers we are modifying the schedule in Raleigh.
  • Wednesday 1/11 in Raleigh: No 6:15am. We will resume schedule at 9:30am. 

Our schedule remains the same weekly (with the exceptions during holidays and inclement weather).
All classes are first come first serve. You do NOT have to reserve a spot online. First time visitors please arrive at least 20 minutes before class.

  • Schedule subject to change.
  • All classes (excluding Sparta) are on a first-come-first-serve.
  • Doors open 30 minute before class, doors are locked at the start of the class. (Sorry no late-entry)
  • * Running shoes are recommended for the circuit portion of the class.

8606 Jersey Court, Raleigh, NC 27617
(located across HWY 70 from Angus Barn • see map)
919-673-4647 or 336-669-4212 




Fundamental hot yoga series. Improve balance, strengthen, and increase flexibility. Recommended for beginners.


Core strengthening series. Hot Pilates.


A challenging flow/vinyasa class, great strengthening and endurance workout. Practiced to music.


Slow, deep stretch flow with limited instruction, practiced to music in a (LED) candlelit room.


A challenging & upbeat flow/vinyasa class, practiced to fun music with advanced poses.


An advanced and challenging yoga classes (non circuit classes). Changes weekly. It will not be revealed until the class begins.  


Get the best of both worlds. Half circuit training and half hot yoga flow sequence. 


45 minute of circuit training regimen. Challenging workout. 


Olympic lifts, body weight exercises, plyometrics, and endurance challenges. 


45 minute of high intensity yoga with weights, incorporating techinuqes from mixed martial arts training. 


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6:15 am
7:45 am
8:30 am
8:45 am
9:00 am
9:30 am
10:00 am
10:15 am
11:30 am
12:00 pm
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The 32 postures included in this series will help you to stretch and warm muscles and ligaments; improve balance, and increase strength and flexibility. 30 minutes of standing series & 30 minutes of floor series. Practiced in 102 degrees
Bloodstone or heliotrope means turning to the sun in Greek. Ancient Greek gladiators wore bloodstone talismans for protection in battle. Equally important in Indian culture, the bloodstone is used for healing. The Arrichion Hot Yoga Bloodstone series is a challenging flow yoga workout practiced to music. Central to the Bloodstone series is the sun salutation asana. Bloodstone is a great strengthening and endurance workout. It is especially effective for competitive athletes.
A challenging & upbeat flow/vinyasa class, practiced to fun music with advanced poses.
60 minutes Topaz class with adjustments for Raleigh location. Must have current membership and have taken 30 or more yoga classes at Arrichion to attend.
The Ancient Greeks believed that Krystallos (crystal) was light frozen into an ice so hard that it could never be thawed. These gemstones have long been used for protection and healing. At Arrichion Hot Yoga, Krystallos will harden your core through a series of core strengthening postures. This series includes techniques that will help you build muscle through resistance to your body weight and of engagement of small muscle groups. This series is a great complement to Topaz for all students.
Any of our yoga classes (non-curicuit class): Topaz, Diamond, Krystallos, Bloodstone, or Black Opal. Changes weekly. Class will not be revealed until the class begins. 
An advanced strength training and conditioning class. Must take training before taking the class.Space is limited for this class and you must sign up at the studio. Requires 24 hour cancellation notice.
Workshops, classes and special events.
Yoga with weights
Acro and Partner Yoga Workshop. No partner or experience necessary.
The word diamond stems from the Greek word adamos which means invincible. Diamonds promote clarity of thought and align one to thoughts associated with a higher self. The diamond stimulates unity and the love of self and others. The Arrichion Hot Yoga Diamond series practiced to music in a candlelit room with limited instruction will help you increase strength, flexibility, balance, and especially focus.
Fighter’s are the best conditioned athletes in the world. The Arrichion Warrior circuit is a 45 minute fighter’s circuit training regimen designed to improve functional strength and endurance. Get the benefits of a cardio-interval workout plus improve strength using body weight and resistance exercises. Challenging workout
Please ensure that you have completed STEP 1 - 3 of the application process before you sign up on this site by visiting our application page (You will be redirected back to this page for STEP 4): ArrichionTeacherTrainingApplication
IF you have completed Step 1-3 you are now in the final step to sign up for:
200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Program
7 Weeks Online Training Jan15- March 4, 2017
12 Day Intensive March 10-21, 2017
30 Day Apprenticeship Challenge March 24 - April 22, 2017
Price: $3400
If you have taken classes at Arrichion you most likely have a  profile in our system. Please verify using your email to login. (Please do not recreate a new profile). Please contact us if you need assistance with the application 336-215-6367.
Tiger’s Eye is the stone of commitment, self-discipline, and personal empowerment. The ancient Greeks believed that it focused energy to help warriors meet challenges. The Tiger’s Eye series consists of a fighter’s circuit training regimen designed to improve functional strength and endurance followed by a hot yoga flow sequence. Participants wear athletic shoes during the circuit training portion of the workout.
60 minute yoga class (varies each event) to raise money for a good cause (the organization varies for each donation class). This class is open to public. It requires suggested minimum donation (cash or checks written to the organization).