Arrichion Contract Renewal for 6 months $79 monthly Auto Renewal

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$79 Monthly Auto-renewal Membership Agreement
Please carefully read and initial.

I herewith agree to purchase:
Unlimited Membership (automatic renewal* ) $79 monthly-debit 6 months commitment

Monthly Billing (auto renewal) By signing this agreement, I authorize Arrichion, Inc. to bill my bank or credit card account for my monthly dues as selected above. Dues will be drafted on the same day as your start date. 

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Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization I authorize Arrichion, Inc. to charge my bank/credit card on file for the purpose of paying said payments due under this agreement. 

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New Client Waiver 

  • That the instruction offered by Arrichion Hot Yoga is limited to that of instruction of yoga and health.
  • That even with clear instruction, there is a possibility of injury, and that it is my responsibility to consult a physician regarding my ability to participate before coming to Arrichion Hot Yoga.
  • I attest that I have no psychological, medical or emotional condition that would prevent me from a safe practice at Arrichion Hot Yoga.
  • I release and discharge Arrichion Hot Yoga, its directors, and its Instructor’s from any and all liability, claims, demands or actions that I may have resulting from injury, death or damages arising from my participation in the yoga class, including losses caused by the negligence of the released parties.
  • I agree that any and all information on this registration form and any photographic/video images, or likeness, or voice of the above named registrant/participant while participating at Arrichion, Inc. may be used for commercial, promotional, or administrative purposes. In assigning these rights, I grant Arrichion and its successors, assignees, and licensees to full and irrevocable right to produce, copy, distribute, exhibit, and transmit my voice and likeness in connection with Arrichion by means of print, website, broadcast or cablecast, videotape, film, webcast or any other electronic or mechanical method now known or hereinafter invented.
  • I recognize that this agreement of release and waiver of liability is a legal contract and that I have complete knowledge of its contents.

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