Clay Reynolds

Clay Reynolds is a master teacher and successful competitor. He took a second and two firsts in the high school wrestling state championships receiving the tournament most outstanding wrestler his junior year. He was a regional place winner in freestyle wrestling. Clay has competed in Russia and Canada. Clay has studied the sport and knows how to teach technique and competition skills to all age wrestlers. He is knowledgeable in both freestyle and folkstyle wrestling. He is especially adept at teaching the low single series, top position, and the counter to leg wrestling. In addition to training wrestlers, Clay has worked with athletes from soccer and football on speed, functional strength, and quickness. Clay has recently begun training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as he prepares to compete and coach in Mixed Martial Arts. While in Sao Paolo, he received private training from the accomplished fighter and coach, Fabio Gurgel. Clay is passionate about the athletes with whom he works and about getting results. This passion and attention to details will be a trademark as Clay expands his coaching repertoire to include mixed martial arts.

Clay Reynolds instructs the following:
  • Diamond
  • Relax and mellow out with this deep stretch/slow flow class. This class has limited instruction and practiced to music in a (LED) candlelit room. 

  • Warrior
  • High intensity interval (HIIT) workout. Get the benefits of a cardio-interval workout plus improve strength using body weight and resistance exercises. Challenging workout for all fitness levels. Participants wear running shoes for this class.

  • MMA Yoga
  • Train like a fighter. 45 minute of high intensity yoga (practiced on your mat) with weights, incorporating techinuqes from mixed martial arts training. 

  • Sparta
  • An advanced strength training and conditioning class. Olympic lifts, body weight exercises, plyometrics, and endurance challenges. Workout varies each class. 

  • Tigers Eye
  • Get the best of both worlds. Half circuit training and half hot yoga flow sequence. Designed to improve functional strength and endurance. Participants wear athletic shoes during the circuit training portion of the workout. Please bring a yoga mat.