Ty Reynolds

Ty Reynolds brings years of successful training and competition to the program. He was a Junior World Team Trial runner-up, a Junior Freestyle National Runner-up, Junior Freestyle National 3rd place, and Cadet Freestyle National Champion. Ty was undefeated in high school competition. In addition, he competed for Team USA at the Dapper Dan Wrestling Classic and was named 1st Team Asics Tiger All-America. He was nationally ranked number one his sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school. He spent 2001 as a freestyle wrestling resident at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Joe Williams, World Bronze Medalist, selected Ty as his training partner for the 2001 World Championships. Ty has been a fierce competitor, but also has studied the sport. His understanding of freestyle wrestling coupled with his ability to teach it rivals the best of coaches. He has competed internationally in Japan, Poland, Turkey, and Canada. Ty is intense in both the wrestling room and the weight room where he is familiar with the latest in strength techniques. Ty’s signature intensity transfers to the athletes with whom he works and elevates them to the next level.

Ty Reynolds instructs the following:
  • Sparta
  • An advanced strength training and conditioning class. Olympic lifts, body weight exercises, plyometrics, and endurance challenges. Workout varies each class. 

  • Warrior
  • High intensity interval (HIIT) workout. Get the benefits of a cardio-interval workout plus improve strength using body weight and resistance exercises. Challenging workout for all fitness levels. Participants wear running shoes for this class.

  • Tigers Eye
  • Get the best of both worlds. Half circuit training and half hot yoga flow sequence. Designed to improve functional strength and endurance. Participants wear athletic shoes during the circuit training portion of the workout. Please bring a yoga mat.