Alyssa Levy



As long as Alyssa can remember, sports have been a part of her life. Both of her grandparents were phys ed teachers and coaches, so she has always been pushed to give everything her all and to never give up on her. She has always loved being active and having fun, and once she found Arrichion, she found her perfect match. Since Arrichion, her life has definitely changed for the better. Her mood and energy improved instantly. Arrichion has given her the perfect balance in her life, and she can definitely say that she will be practicing until she is physically incapable. Alyssa graduated from UNC Charlotte with a nursing degree. She obtained her CNA over Summer 2010, and has taken workshops with yogi, Erich Schiffmann. She would love to pursue a career in holistic medicine, incorporating the techniques she has learned at Arrichion Hot Yoga into her own personal practice. She is always on the go, whether studying, teaching, or hanging out with her friends, and likes to make everything fun in her life.