About Arrichion


“The Arrichion System”


What are your fitness goals?

Weight loss? Building athletic endurance? Developing yoga skills? Body reshaping?

No matter what your fitness goals, Arrichion’s unique blend of no-nonsense yoga with strength training can get you there.  It’s not about poses – it’s about action. It’s not about routines – it’s about results. We call it the Arrichion System, and it begins with our signature classes: Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Circuit Training, and our unique hybrid class, Tiger’s Eye, that combines a fighter’s strength circuit with hot flow yoga. We don’t believe in ‘silos’ – at Arrichion, the flexibility benefits of yoga combine with the power-building of strength training to create powerful, achievable results for anyone. It’s about harnessing the best of both worlds to help you achieve your personal best. 

Arrichion students range from people who’ve never worked out to professional athletes. Our award-winning studios and highly skilled instructors provide a supportive, inclusive environment that’s not about judgment – it’s about helping you achieve your goals. Whether you’re just starting out, or a dedicated athlete looking to expand your skill set, Arrichion’s award-winning studios offer an easy-to-follow program coupled with dedicated, skilled coaching to help you get results. It’s a powerful combination of training and technique you won’t find anywhere else.

Arrichion classes are designed to help you reach your goals, at your pace, drawing on a range of strength and flexibility training techniques and best practices. Focus on your yoga or pilates skills. Build your endurance. Work on your weight loss and body-shaping goals. With the Arrichion System, you’re not locked into one set program – you can combine the benefits and techniques from our range of classes to achieve your individual goals. Try the mix of strength training and hot yoga in Tiger’s Eye, or build your own unique program – Arrichion gives you powerful tools across disciplines, and the skilled practitioners to help you get results.  

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