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Welcome to Arrichion Hot Yoga

Experience the difference of the Arrichion System. We offer a range of unique athletic programs, including Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Circuit Training, and our signature Tiger’s Eye hybrid class that combines our strength training circuit with hot flow yoga for a powerful blend of strength and flexibility training to help you achieve real results. Whether your personal fitness goals are weight loss, body reshaping, building athletic endurance, or developing yoga skills, the Arrichion System will inspire and push you to be your best, in an inclusive, supportive community led by skilled practitioners. Check out our award-winning studio spaces and programs in Raleigh, Durham, and Charlotte, NC, and see why Creative Loafing’s staff called Arrichion Hot Yoga the “Best place to sweat it out” in 2014. It’s the hottest place to work out in town – come see why everyone is raving. 







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125 Winona Street
Charlotte, NC 28203 (see map)


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8606 Jersey Court
Raleigh, NC 27617 (see map)